A new way to drive for Uber

Now almost anybody can drive for Uber but food is the new passenger.

Introducing Uber Eats…. The on demand food delivery service from Uber. Why waste time with annoying passengers when you can deliver items that don’t need a bottle of water, a cell phone charger or a stick of gum to keep happy.

Even better, it seems that food is worth more than people these days. In Orange County the base fare for Uber Eats is $4 plus $2 a mile. After a lyft ride last night I decided to compare. Lyft offers $0.17 a minute and $1.07 a mile. How is food worth more than people? I don’t know and I don’t care.. I just like what I see.

Can I Drive For Uber Eats With A 2 Door Car?

Yes you can. Uber Eats allows you to use your 2 door car to deliver food. So now almost anybody can drive for Uber. You still need to have a current vehicle registration, insurance and a good driving record. You will also have to go through the Uber background check which is easy and only takes a few days to process before you can get on the road.

Is Uber Eats Better Than The Other Food Delivery Services?

Uber Eats is by far the best service of it’s kind. All orders are paid for through the Uber app so there is no fumbling around with a silly debit card to pay for orders. Every time I would use one of those cards I was worried that it might not go through. Since all restaurants are set up with the app there is no need for drivers to order. Restaurants receive the orders through the restaurant partner app and they start preparing the meal right away. Every time I have picked up an Uber Eats order it was ready when I walked in. No waiting around whatsoever. How is this such a huge benefit? Less waiting around time gives you more delivery time so you have the ability to earn much more.

If you want to make some extra money then I would recommend Uber Eats over any of the others. The whole process is streamlined and the pay is great based on what you actually have to do. Uber doesn’t give customers a tipping option but I find that many customers tip cash anyways.

Uber eats pay out

Driving a passenger that same distance would have barely made $10 after the Uber Fees

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  • Richard N

    Hi Frank, I just stumbled across your blog and I like it. Its very informative and I hope you can help me with a few questions. I’m thinking about starting with Uber in the next month or so. However, I don’t feel like dealing with a bunch of people. So, Uber Eats seems perfect for me. Do I have to register with Uber as if i was going to drive people around, or is there a separate sign up for Uber Eats? How is the Cerritos, Lakewood, Bellfower, Cypress, La Palma area for doing work? I’m not familiar on how this works. Thanks for the blog.

    • Kushest

      Hey richard, first of all thanks for the nice comments. There is a seperate sign up just for Uber Eats and you can use my link to get to it. I understand how you feel and I’d rather not deal with passengers either. That area happens to be the area I drive in. It was very busy the last few months but that was during Ubers Big promotion for first time customers. As people are using up their promos I see less and less deliveries. I was making really good money with Uber Eats but now it’s turn into a part time thing. I pretty much only do the hours that hourly guarantees are offered to make sure it is worth it. You can’t think of it as a hourly job, you need to see it as extra money here and there. If you can see it the right way then you can effectively make good side money on your off time. After trying postmates and doordash I still prefer Uber Eats vs the others because the Uber deliveries just make more sense. I’d would often get postmates deliveries that would take me really far without the proper mileage compensation. Uber Eats deliveries are much quicker and less hassle than the other companies. I personally see Uber making changes in their delivery platform because if they don’t it will eventually fail. They just need to lower their percentages that they take from reataurants and drivers and then maybe then can find a good inbetween point to keep customers ordering.
      I’d be lying if I said it was stable and had a guaranteed future but as of right now it’s still moving. Id say get what you can while it’s here and we can only hope that it gets better. I know they didn’t put all of this money into it just to fail so they have to figure something out.
      Hope this information helps and I hope I answered your questions.
      Good luck with whatever you decide to do.

      • Richard N

        Thanks Frank, all your info is very helpful. I’ll just have to dive in and start working. When I do, I will use your link. Hopefully, lunchtime and some Friday evenings will keep me busy. I’m just looking for something part-time anyway. I just don’t want to go to Downtown Los Angeles or West LA. I’m just hoping there’s enough work on this side of town, 2-3 hours a day during lunch would be great. We’ll see. I read your comments on Postmates as well. Do they have more work than Uber Eats in this area? I really like the fact that with Uber Eats you don’t have to place orders or pay the bills. Hopefully, I understood you correctly. OK, I hope I didn’t bother you with all the questions. Take care and thanks again.

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