Adding An Uber Referral Code

Add An Uber Referral Code Even If You’ve Already Started Driving

Update: Uber is constantly changing the referral system and in some cities new drivers DO NOT receive a new driver bonus. Adding this referral code does not guarantee you will get a bonus but it’s worth a chance to try at least. By adding this referral information you are helping to support the Uber Eats Facebook group where new drivers can ask questions and find out all of the information they need to be a successful delivery driver.

If you forgot to add an invite code when you started driving for Uber or Uber Eats then don’t worry. This guide will help you get your new driver bonus.


How To Add An Uber Invite Code?

First go to your Uber app and click on your picture in the top right corner.

Next We Should See The Following Screen. From Here You Will Click On The Help Button In The Top Right Corner To Take You To The Help Screen.

Now We Go To Account And Payment At The Bottom Of The Screen.

From Here We Choose Referrals

On This Screen We Click On Invited Driver – Report My Missing Or Incorrect Driver Referral

Now We Just Scroll To The Bottom And Under Contact Support Click On Send Message.


Now We Are At The Final Step. Scroll Down And You Will See This On Your Screen.

Use The Information Below For The Form And Click Submit.

Invite code – Estyp33ue

Esty Porter 

323 649 2282

And that’s basically it. Now you’ll get your new driver bonus.

If you have any other questions then send me a message and I’ll help you get it working.

Send me a message at


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