Amazon Flex And A 2 Door Car

Here is the big question

Can I Drive For Amazon Flex With A 2 Door Car?

Yes and No

When you sign up, if you choose that you have a 2 door car ot will say you aren’t eligible. You have to say you have a 4 door car in order to go through with the amazon flex application process. Don’t worry, you don’t have to show any pictures of your vehicle or show and vehicle documents like Uber, Lyft or Postmates.

Once you’re approved then it doesn’t matter what car you show up in. I drive a 2 door scion TC for Amazon Flex and I haven’t had any issues, I strategically place the packages in my car and haven’t had to turn down anything because it didn’t fit. I’ve seen people with even smaller cars than mine. If you can make it fit and don’t have to leave packages behind then you’ll be ok and nobody will have any issue with you using your 2 door car for Amazon Flex.

I was scared the first time I took my car but nobody ever questioned me. So if you have a 2 door car and would like to have an opportunity with Amazon Flex then go ahead and sign up. Just follow the instructions in the first paragraph here.

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