Amazon Flex Customer Point of View

I’ve had a good time so far driving for Amazon Flex and delivering packages but one question I always have is.

What does the Amazon customer see when you drop off a package?

To find out I bought a few things from Amazon Prime to test there package tracking system and see exactly what is shown to customers when you drop off their packages.

My packages should be coming today and I also have a Amazon Flex block scheduled for today. It would be cool to get my own packages on my route. I haven’t done my neighborhood yet but I’ve done all of the surrounding neighborhoods so maybe I’ll get lucky today. If would be nice to scan my packages for drop off myself and then see how long it takes the app to notify me of my delivery. We’ll see

So back to the customer prospective

Amazon Prime Order In Transit

Amazon seems to have their tracking system on point and is just as good as UPS or Fed-Ex. Amazon will let you know where your package is each step of the way.

Once the package is scanned and delivered the Amazon Prime customer will be notified. If you have the Amazon App installed on your phone then you will get a notification instantly when your package is dropped off.

Amazon Prime Package Delivered Notification Android

I’m pretty amazed by Amazon and the way they just started their own delivery system out of nowhere. None of these ideas are new but Amazon has effectively mixed old and new technology to put together a logistics system that works very well.

I can see this turning Amazon into a bigger company than it already was. Shopping online is only becoming stronger and this move will help Amazon take over the market that Wal-Mart has held for so long. Let’s face it, customers want their products right away. At this point no other company can compete with the price of 2 day shipping with Amazon Prime. Here is an example: The prime membership is $9.99 a month. My last order was for 3 items and the regular shipping total for those items would have been $11.84. Of course it makes sense to go with the Amazon Prime membership because it is cheaper and you’ll get your packages faster.

If you want to try ordering from Amazon Prime yourself then you can sign up right here

One of the items I purchased was a magnetic usb cable to use while delivering for Uber Eats and Amazon Flex. I’ll be doing a review of the cable that you definitely want to check out to help reduce wear and tear on your phones charging port.

Looking For Information To Make Driving For Amazon Flex Easier?

Check out my list of items that I put together to make delivering for Amazon safer and more convenient.

Amazon Flex Driver Must Have Items

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