Flex Driver Must Haves

If you drive for Amazon Flex then there are a essential items that you must have to make your job easier and keep you a little safer.

Flash Lights

If you primarily drive during the day then you don’t need to worry about this but if you try to work as much as you can like I do and take on night shifts daily then you need a good flashlight to help you see addresses.

I bought some cheap flashlights from Amazon that serve the purpose well.

These LED flashlights are focusable so you can shine the light on just the address and not the whole house. The distance while focused is pretty impressive and will help you see the address you are looking better than a traditional flashlight will.

Magnetic Micro USB Charging Cable

With as much as we use our phones delivering for Amazon Flex it is mandatory to have a reliable and stress free approach to charging your phone without causing damage to the charging port by continuously plugging and unplugging your phone.

This problem is solved by using a magnetic charging plug. The male end stays in your phone the whole time and your phone can be easily disconnected and then reconnected with no extra wear on your phones charging port. Charging ports on cell phones is a very common thing to break so protect your phone and make sure you can keep working by getting one of these magnetic usb cables for your Android or Iphone.


Portable Hand Truck

If you’ve been driving for Amazon Flex for a while then I’m sure you’ve encountered a situation where you have multiple deliveries at the same complex. In this scenario you can easily whip out your portable hand truck and easily take several packages at a time. That way you can easily move the packages without having to go back and forth to your car.

The hand truck is also great if you have a heavy package as well. Don’t be a hero and break your back. Pull out your hand truck to easily get your heavy packages to the customers front door.

Delivery Bag

You’ll want a delivery bag for the same reason you use the hand truck except it will be for when you have multiple small packages to the same complex or on the same street. Id rather load my bag and walk up and down the street like a mailman instead of putting the extra wear and tear on my vehicle by making a few extra stops and having to enter and exit more than I have to. Door handles can wear out and I try to open and close my doors less if I can avoid it.

Pepper Spray

Just like a mailman carries pepper spray you should for the same reasons. A lot of people have dogs and dogs can get loose. I have experienced a situation where I went to deliver a package and the home owners dog came out running after me. Luckily I was able to get out and shut the gate in time but what if I wasn’t so lucky to have that fence there. Since then I carry pepper spray in case I ever encounter a violent dog that will stop at nothing to bite me. It will deter and get most dogs off of your back but there are the few that just don’t care but I’d rather have a chance then no chance at all.


Slip Resistant Shoes

Here’s another scary story I’d like to share. It’s been raining really hard in Orange County lately and the other day I decided to do a rain shift. I almost broke my neck 3 times in 1 day. A lot of these customers homes have stone steps, and when wet these steps and walkways can be very slippery. I almost had a very serious slip but got lucky and was able to save myself but I almost fell backwards and landed on my head. As independent contractors we do not have insurance to cover us for slips and falls. Only our vehicles are covered while driving for Amazon flex. If I would have slipped and gotten hurt then the hospital bill would have been all mine. This is when I realized that it’s in my best interest to protect myself and invest in some good slip resistant work shoes to lower my chances of having an accident.

This concludes my list of Amazon delivery driver must have items. If I find anything else to make our jobs better and easier then I will add it to the list.

If you have any ideas or special tricks that you use then please let us know in the comments section. I’d love to see the solutions others have come up with as well.

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