Amazon Flex Package Sorting Tips

One thing that new Amazon Flex drivers usually have a problem with is figuring out the best way to load their vehicle and sort there packages while scanning them in.

Today I’m going to share with you my way of sorting packages and loading my car.

We’ll start with identifying the packages.

Each package in your route has it’s own number. There are 2 main numbers on each package that you want to pay attention to besides the address of course. The first number you will see is the delivery number and the second number which is in parentheses is the package number.

You may have a higher package number than delivery number if you have deliveries with multiple orders to the same location. So if you want to know how many stops you’ll be doing then pay attention to the delivery number.

Both the delivery and package numbers are in numerical order based on your route.

What To Load First

I see a lot of people go in order but I like to start with the big boxes first and then work my way around them. I scan all of my big packages and strategically place them in my car and making sure my hatch still closes. Make a mental note of the package numbers so you don’t have to search your whole car when the big packages come up for delivery.

Once I have the bigger packages in place then I start with the last package which will be the highest numbered package.

Scanning from the last package to the first makes it easy to sort and stack your packages in order. I load up my trunk first and then fill in the rest.

When I have envelopes I stack them in order right behind my passenger seat for easy access.

Once I’ve gone through my first 10 to 20 packages in the front seat I’ll take a minute to re-sort. I’ll open up my trunk and get the next 10 or more packages that I can fit in my front seat to make my next deliveries faster and more convenient.

Well that’s about it for my process, there isn’t much to it but it can be a little complicated at first to figure it out and come up with a system that works for you. I hope this helps people getting started with Amazon Flex as well as other drivers that may not have come up with a streamlined process for their deliveries.

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