Amazon Flex?

I’m patiently waiting for amazon flex to be available in Orange County or Los Angeles. By far, out of all of these companies, Amazon is the one I want to work with the most. They have so many customers that you can be sure you will be busy delivering all day. I’d much rather deliver packages than food. There really isn’t much that can go wrong. It won’t get cold or melt, you don’t have to worry about it being made wrong, therefore you don’t get bad reviews for things that aren’t necessarily your fault.

I really hope I get a chance to work for them soon because I really need more money coming in.

But for now it’s uber and postmates.

I sent postmates another email today so well see if I get a response this time. The first time I used the applicant support option. This time I used the driver support option. Hopefully then respond more quickly than the other people I sent it to.


  • Clayton Suitt

    AMAZON Flex Warning: Hello, on my second day my windshield was damaged on the freeway. After almost a month, AMAZON denies the claim, even though the ‘Tucson Team Leader” said it would be no problem. Bottom line… $860 bill is all mine, that means 18 shifts at $54 per. Hey, at least Scott in Seattle said “Thank you for your time”…that’s gotta be worth something! The moral is … make sure the damage to your vehicle is over $1,000!! Best, Clayton

  • Dante Rubin

    Been doing Ubereats since september 2016,if before i wasn’t happy with their % fee,now with all their new juggling and their ridiculous new 35%, i don’t think there’s anything out there that would keep me from leaving,to me if after doing all proper math,ends up being below minimum wage p/h, is a waste of money and time,even as an extra income.

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