Amazon shutting down DLA2 warehouse

Amazon which has been my gig of choice for a while now is closing down their warehouse in Buena Park (DLA2).


I don’t understand how shutting down this warehouse makes any sense. They are replacing DLA2 with a new warehouse location in Chino which is 20 more miles away.

So who will service North Orange County then?

It’s not worth it to drive 20 miles just to do deliveries and that’s why I hesitated with trying out Amazon Flex at first because I was originally signed up at the irvine warehouse and it didn’t make sense to drive that far and use gas because that just kills your profits.

I’ve talked to some drivers that come to the buena park warehouse from the Irvine area and I think they have no idea that they are actually losing.

Let’s say your car gets 20 mpg. The warehouse is 20mi. away. That’s 20 miles to get there, atleast 20 during your shift and another 20 to get home for a total of 60mi. This isn’t counting gas burned in traffic and during your shift by having your car running for almost 3 hours.

Don’t forget, even though you aren’t putting on physical miles, your car is still using gas when you leave it running so please believe these numbers are lowballed.

So at $3.99 a gallon the minimum you’ll be looking at in gas is $12 so now your $54 block is now worth $42.

When the warehouse was 5 minutes away from me it was worth it but I don’t think I’m willing to drive to a further warehouse for the same compensation.

Why are they doing this?

It’s my thought that Amazon is just using us flex drivers as a temporary way to get their logistics program off the ground.

If you haven’t heard of Amazon Logistics then let me tell you a little about it. Amazon Logistics is a program amazon offers to delivery companies that want to deliver for Amazon. These companies actually hire their employees but the company itself has the contract with Amazon rather than an individual.

Irvine will be next to go.

As you can see they are already working on taking over the new warehouse in chino as well.

Why does this benefit Amazon?

With Amazon Logistics, the drivers are actual employees of another company and they receive benefits and have insurance and for those delivery drivers it becomes a real job. This takes away the whole independent contractor headache and all of the problems associated with independent contractors. It also helps them stay clear of lawsuits based on the argument that we are employees and not independent contractors.

What does this mean for Amazon Flex?

Well, as I said above, it looks like Amazon Flex is their temporary solution until Amazon Logistics takes over. So enjoy driving for Amazon while it lasts. You’re only chance after that will be to work for one of the companies providing logistics services for Amazon.

Is working for an Amazon Logistics third party company still worth it?

The fact that these companies hire full time employees makes it worth it. Expect to be paid between $12 and $14 an hour. Though you male less, you can get benifits, they will provide the vehicles and gas also. Because you’re not using your own vehicle the pay kinda evens out vs driving for Amazon as a flex driver. For some people that drive a gas guzzler for flex which I see a lot of, this could easily be worth more.

The only thing we lose by working for a third party Amazon Logistics company is the freedom of working whenever we want. Most of the companies I see hiring for Amazon require 40 hours a week and requires you to work weekends. I wouldn’t mind doing a monday through friday but me being a weekend father, I can’t have my weekends tied up because that’s my daughters time so it looks like my time delivering for Amazon is just about done.

So my message to all of you Flex drivers out there… Enjoy it while you can.


Before you say this is all crap, go ahead and check out


Looks like I’m going back to Uber and Lyft now.


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