Amazon White Van Driver Review

Finally back with a new post after spending several months as a Amazon white van delivery driver.

Quick Cap:

At the time of this post I am still currently driving for Amazon but I’m hoping to switch to FedEx within the next few weeks. Interviewing in a few days. Now that that’s out of the way I’ll tell you all about driving an Amazon white van and why I am quitting.

One of the biggest reasons I decided to drive for Amazon is because I was so excited about the schedule. You work 4 ten hour days and get 4 days off. I don’t know about you but to me a 4 day weekend every week sounds nice. This was the big selling point for me because it would give me plenty of time off to work on my music career.

But is the Amazon driver pay worth the work?

The average amount of stops that we were given is typically between 150 and 200 stops a day.

Some routes are good and some routes are terrible. A good route which is mostly houses can easily be done in a reasonable amount of time but there are also those routes that are almost all apartments. Amazon treats the apartment routes the same as houses but the thing with apartments is that it counts each complex as just 1 stop. I’ve had as much as 30 packages for a single complex and when you are given just as many stops as other drivers it just doesn’t add up. It’s all basic math, I don’t know why they haven’t figured it out yet.

The drivers that get the heavy apartment routes literally do 3 to 4 times more work than the other drivers and that’s not fair. It’s a lot easier to walk a few steps to the front door than it is to walk a whole complex yet these drivers are still expected to complete their route at the same time as everyone else.

Break Time

When it comes to breaks we see a lot of violations. Most of the drivers I’ve worked with and talk to say that they skip their lunches and don’t take breaks.

What do you think this makes the drivers that take their breaks look like?

It makes it look like they aren’t fast enough and the other guys are setting the pace. It’s very sad that these guys feel they have to skip their breaks just to go home at their scheduled time to be off.

Me personally, I don’t like to be taken advantage of and I take my breaks. I’m not about to work an hour for free for a multi billion dollar company.

In a month, just counting the lunch breaks, a driver that skips his breaks will work 16 hours for free for Amazon. That’s just ridiculous.

The Pay for Amazon White Van Drivers

Typically the Amazon Drivers get paid $13 to $14 an hour. At first I thought this was acceptable but after seeing the amount of work expected I quickly changed my mind.

After speaking with a few Fedex drivers and talking to the owner of the company that I plan to work for next I learned that the FedEx drivers get paid around $18 an hour starting and they do about the same amount of stops per day. FedEx even offers a per package bonus. This bonus was briefly explained to me so I can’t give all the details but anything extra is a plus.

After learning about FedEx and comparing it to Amazon I decided that Amazon just doesn’t pay drivers enough for the amount of work they do.

Things Happen

Amazon expects a high quality level of customer service. With the amount of packages we are given per day it’s almost impossible to give high quality service. Amazon expects us to call customers and go the extra mile to get packages delivered but we don’t have enough time for that extra mile.

Just imagine having to call just 5 customers in a day because of access problems or any other reason. Take about 6 minutes per call and you lose a whole half hour of time for the day. With the amount of packages we are given we can’t afford to take that extra time. If Amazon wants that premium customer service then drivers need some space in their day just for that. But instead we are given a ton of packages that take up every minute of our day. It doesn’t add up.

Delivering with the white vans.

Bread Trucks, as FedEx and UPS drivers call them are the big trucks that you see FedEx and UPS drivers driving. There is a reason why they use these vehicles and that’s because they are made for the drivers to easily get in and out of all day.

The white vans however, are not made for the same type of use. The seats will rub on your leg from sliding in and out and the door handles will hurt your hands after a few hours. On top of that, they also have a big step to climb back in and jump off from. The jumping in and out would hurt my feet so bad that I had to start lowering myself slowly while holding the steering wheel in order to reduce the impact. Luckily Dr scholls inserts actually work and they helped reduce the shock but it’s still a problem as far as imI concerned. I’m a little heavy but I see guys doing this job that are a lot bigger than me. I can’t imagine how it hurts them.

So, No! The white vans are not made for this type of work. If there was a better option I would think FedEx and UPS would have changed by now.

Do I recommend becoming an Amazon white van driver?

Yes and no. It really all depends on your situation and how desperate you are. It does pay more than my minimum wage and it’s pretty damn easy for anyone to get a job as an Amazon driver. So if you need a job quick that pays more than minimum wage then it may work for you but expect to be over worked with high expectations. You’ll also have to come to the realization that there are other companies like FedEx and UPS that do the exact same job and pay appropriately. Only problem with FedEx and UPS is that it’s much harder to get a job with them and they usually always require experience. Amazon is ok as a starting point to get that experience but unfortunately you’ll have to be a slave for about a year before you can think about upgrading.

The days off are awesome but the pay doesn’t add up when compared to similar jobs.

Hopefully this post will help you decide if driving for Amazon is something you want to get into or not. At least it will shed some light on what you should expect.

Now if Amazon can lighten up the routes and or pay appropriately then it would be a great job.

Let’s just hope that Jeff Bezos gets a chance to read this so he can hopefully make some changes for the better. If nobody speaks up then things just stay the same.

Drive safe…. This is Frank signing out.

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