Best car to use for Uber

Today I’m going to help answer a few questions that a lot of drivers have.

What is the Best car for Uber?

Should I use my own car for Uber?

Should I buy a car to drive for Uber?

Let me start off by saying that you can still make money with uber in 2017 if you do it right.

In 2017 the rates for Uber are lower than ever. So what kind of car makes sense to drive for Uber. A lot of people think about buying a brand new car for Uber but that won’t always work in your favor. If you are planning on driving just as supplemental income and to have your car pay for itself then that is fine but if you plan on driving for Uber more than the weekend driver then you’ll lose a lot of money with your new car.

Let’s say you just bought a brand new camry to drive for Uber. Your loan could be $30,000 +. You would have to consider that $30,000 before you can actually think you’re making a profit. At the current Uber rates, you would drive around 100,000 miles with your car to pay off that car and actually start making money. The 100,000 miles includes gas, vehicle maintenance and living expenses. By this time your now year old $30,000 car is now worth a measly $10,000 or less and has had hundreds of people in it. Gross, that’s an easy way to throw away a big purchase.

What car do I suggest to drive for Uber

If you really want to make money driving for Uber then you need to get the cheapest reasonable car out there. In Orange County and Los Angeles the oldest car you can use to drive for Uber is a 2002 and for Lyft it’s a 2004.

You’ll make the most money with Uber if you can find a decent mileage vehicle in the $5000 range. If you just want to drive for Uber then I would say to buy a car that is atleast a 2004 so you can use it for atleast 2 more years. If you want to drive for Lyft as well then try and find a car that is at least a 2006.

If you can find a car in this price range then you’ll be laughing at the other Uber drivers that are getting paid the same as you but are ruining their new cars.

By getting a cheap car just for Uber you can consider it your throw away work car. You don’t have to worry about owning a disgusting car that thousands of people have been in. After a few months the car is paid off anyways so you can feel free and know you don’t still have payments for a car that will be worthless when you are done with it.

The car requirements are a little different from city to city and the requirements I refer to are for Uber and Lyft in Los Angeles and Orange County. Check the car requirements for your area before purchasing a vehicle that is a 2006 or less.

Uber Used Car Checklist

Pass your Uber inspection the first time

If you are going to buy an older car for Uber then these are the things you should look out for.

  • Major Body Damage

Make sure the car that you are buying for Uber has a clean body and doesen’t have any major and highly visible dents or scratches.

  • Tires

Make sure the car has tires that have a decent amount of tread otherwise you will need to buy some new tires to pass the Uber inspection.

  • Seats

Make sure the seats aren’t disgusting and are free from rips, tears and abnormal wear. Make sure that each seat has a properly working seat belt as well.

  • Lights

Make sure that all of the lights on the vehicle work. Check your headlights, your turn signals, your break lights, emergency flashers and high beams

  • Other

Make sure the windshield wipers are in good condition and there are no cracks on the windshield or any other windows.

Make sure the vehicles air conditioner is working properly as well.

Make sure the horn properly works.

Last, make sure all of your windows roll up and down.


By following this guide you should be able to pick the perfect car for driving with Uber and you’ll easily be making more money than the others out there with brand new cars.

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