Best Uber and Lyft Trade Dress Setup

Today I’m going to talk about trade dressing. I’ve seen too many Uber and Lyft cars with messed up and partially attached trade dress stickers. They say they are removable but once you remove them they look like the ones I’ve mentioned above .

What if I don’t want my trade dress on all the time?

A lot of Uber and Lyft drivers such as me are part time drivers and may not want to display their trade dress when they aren’t driving for either of the two.

In some cases displaying two trade dresses is Illegal

Certain cities and airports will not allow you to display dual trade dresses. At Los Angeles airport (LAX) for instance, it is a violation to have two trade dresses on your window. You can be fined up to $1000 for this violation.

Because of these three big trade dress issues I decided to come up with a solution to make the stickers removable and keep them looking brand new.

What is the best way to attach your Uber and Lyft trade dress?

After brainstorming for a few days I finally came up with the perfect solution.

Laminating….. This will keep the trade dress looking brand new and allow both sides to be shown.

Laminated Uber Trade Dress

Laminated Lyft Trade Dress

Now I need to worry about mounting.

I really wanted a suction cup with a clip because that would be the best completely removable solution. After going to every local store such as Michaels, walmart and target I could not find what I was looking for. I found them easily on amazon but I needed a solution today. I decided to get some plastic velcro. You know, the kind that just snaps together.


Stuck a little to the windshield and a little on each trade dress sticker and my problem was solved. Not as clean of a look as I wanted but it easily gets the job done.



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  • akemsley

    I can’t believe Lyft and Uber don’t have a solution for us, and just give us stickers that we are expected to peel off and replace every time we drive (Laws in most cities prohibit the display of TNC emblems when not in driver mode). I can’t imagine the stickers would last very long if we did that.

    • Kushest

      You’re absolutely right. I really don’t see any way to effectively make it removable unless it is some type of card rather than a sticker with a similar mounting set up as mine. I still have yet to get the suction cup clip but I don’t think it should take much more than that.
      Supposedly Uber is coming out with some new stickers that are more friendly to remove but I have no idea what their solution is yet.

  • Thirty-five Sandcastles

    The standard Lyft and Uber trade dress come out of the window without losing effectiveness. They’re more like decals than stickers. Especially the Uber one. All you have to do is wipe the window facing part with alcohol to return it’s adhesion. I use hand sanitizer for convenience. The Lyft decal sticks harder so I make sure to put it’s wax backing on the sticky side after taking it off the window.

    The only thing I could use a better method for is the LAX window credential. For whatever reason, that placard is just one postcard material so I have to scotch tape it to the windows.

    • Kushest

      The laminating of the decals is still the best idea. No cleaning or worrying about sticking it back on the the backing when not in use. It just makes more sense and is a simpler process to switch or remove them.
      I call them stickers because that’s what most people refer to them as. For seo purposes it’s much more effective to call them stickers.
      In case you didn’t know, you can only display one trade dress at a time at LAX. This makes it ever more important to be able to quickly switch between the two.
      The point of this article was to show the best way, Not how to make use of the current method

      • Thirty-five Sandcastles

        It honestly can’t get any simpler or quicker to change, apply, or remove the stickers/decals/whatevers. I might use hand sanitizer on my Uber stickers once or twice a month and that’s more dependent on how dirty I let the inside of my windows get. I’ve never had to do anything with my Lyft sticker since I got them in the summer. I don’t require any special accommodation to attach them to the window. When they are out of the window there’s no tape/velcro/hook to block my vision or tip my date off to how I earn extra cash.

        I’m aware of LAX rules and can make the switch in seconds while waiting to get out of the lot. I appreciate your article and I’m not trying to rain on your parade. Just letting you know there’s an even simpler option that works extremely well

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