Bite Squad is food delivery done right

Bite Squad, are they the company that finally gets it?

So many of these food delivery services keep popping up yet not one has addressed drivers concerns until now.

Bite Squad takes all of my personal complaints about Postmates, Uber Eats and all the others and basically does away with them all.

Here is what Bite Squad has to say:

Squad Requirements

• Have your own vehicle with insurance
• Valid driver’s license for a minimum of two years
• Pass a motor vehicle background check
• Own an iPhone or Android

Squad Perks

• Earn up to $25/hr – hourly wage plus tips (we’ll guarantee $15/hr!)
• You will be a W2 employee, not a contractor
• Opportunities for long-term growth (management)
• Opportunity to drive company vehicle
• Flexible scheduling

W2 employee?

Yes, you heard that right. They are doing away with the whole contractor loophole. Your taxes will be taken out of your pay and on top of that you will only be paying 15% versus the 30% you would be paying for Uber Eats or Postmates. They are taking on the responsibility and saying yes, you work for us and we will treat you like any of our other employees.

Another huge thing that they don’t mention is that they have a 7 mile delivery radius. While I wish the radius would be smaller, if you are in fact using their vehicle and are guaranteed $15 an hour then I see no problem there, However it’s uncertain if you will actually be using their car or not. Above they say you must have your own vehicle and insurance. It also states that you have the “opportunity to use a company vehicle”. To me this is questionable, the ad is worded as follows though

“Drivers Needed for Company Car”

So let’s hope that they just want to make sure you have reliable transportation to and from work.

I could have sworn that I read somewhere that they will only be delivering to businesses, that was another huge plus to me but when I went back to confirm that information I couldn’t find it again. I did find some info geared towards office catering though so let’s hope I’m right. Catering to businesses will  almost always result in a decent tip. Picture a group of co-worker’s all pitching in on their lunch for the day. They’ll most likely all pitch in on the tip too. Much better customer than the no tipping customer at an apartment complex with no parking and 1000 units.

Cities Of Operation

Bite Squad Coverage Area

Is It Too Good To Be True?

We’ll soon see, I applied and am waiting for them to get back to me. I didn’t see any talk about a fee or percentage that is taken out of the guaranteed $15 an hour so let’s hope that that’s the case.

Sign up to drive and let them know that Frank Castillo sent you.

  • Colleen Commons-Turner

    Worst experiences with this company. I gave them several second chances. Not worth the time or money! And to get your money back is even worse.

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