Can driverless cars really work

Since Lyft just announced big plans for their driverleess car idea I figured it would be a great time to give my thoughts and opinions on driverless cars. After hearing me out, let me know if you agree or not.

Let me tell you why driverless cars are possible but also a ridiculous idea.

As we all know by now there are tons of companies trying to work on a driverless car system utilizing cameras and sensors as eyes.

Technology is amazing these days but can we really trust a car to make decisions for us?

As you may have heard, Tesla had a incident recently where a person died from a failure of the auto pilot system. Is it right to pay soo much money for this technology when it’s obviously not ready.

You can’t possibly program every situation into a car. It’s just not possible. They’ve come really close but it’s a very dangerous game these automakers are playing with our lives and using our streets and people as test subjects.

How could self driving cars eventually be a thing?

In order for this idea to work then all cars on the road need to possess technology that allows the vehicles to interact with eachother. Only then can self driving cars be safe. Once computers have the ability to control everything happening on the road then the idea can finally make sense.

What automakers should be doing is putting their money together to invest in a company to create this car intranet. It will only work properly if all cars are on the same system. The main company can release an api that allows the car manufacturers to still produce their own software and user experience but still all be on the same system.

The race to be first will only create more deaths.

I suggest that everyone speak up against this because it affects us all. I can’t afford a tesla but I also don’t want someone who can to run into me and kill me and my family.

It’s very dangerous and now is not the time for this technology to go live. Maybe in another 20 years when all our cars are electric and run by computers but until then I have to say it will never work.

I’ve been thinking about this topic for months now and I’m glad I finally spoke up to share my side.

These companies should hire me if they really want a chance to succeed because millions are being wasted on these ideas right now as we speak.

Like I said, it’s better to invest into a global system than to try and keep the technology proprietary.

How do you feel about self driving cars?

Let me know in the comments below and share this article with your friends if you agree.

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