DoorDash Review Is It Worth It?

DoorDash Is It Worth It?

I went out today for my first experience with DoorDash.

I ┬ásigned on and took my first order at The Cheesecake Factory in Cerritos. I’m not too familiar with the Cerritos area so I used the in app link to pull up google maps. It directed me to the mall and said I have reached my destination but I didn’t see the cheesecake factory anywhere. I thought maybe it’s right inside the mall and so I parked and went inside and no cheesecake factory was in sight.

The whole time my phone was blowing up with alerts and text messages. Even while driving to the restaurant from my house it was going off the whole time. I guess there was a secondary order that popped up but I was driving and am against using my phone while driving so I didn’t touch it.

I then looked up the restaurant on google and clicked the address link which then led me to the other side of the mall where the Cheesecake Factory was located. I went in and picked up the order which was a simple process, just gave the name and the order was handed to me.

On To My Destination!

I got to my car, swiped to reveal the dropoff location and saw that it was 10 miles away. This was pretty far for all the trouble so far so I hope it pays off.

I drove to the drop off location and delivered the order which was easy because it was a business and the people came out. I drove away to park and complete the order to see how much I  made.

Screenshot_20160831-135046 Screenshot_20160831-135158

I received the $5 flat rate and a tip of $3.41 after driving a little over 10 miles to deliver this food.

Is It Worth It?

Driving for any of these companies can make you extra side money and doordash is no exception. The one thing to know is that it is hit or miss meaning that not every delivery will be a good one but most of the time your earnings will even out and still be worth more than a minimum wage job at the end.

Final Thoughts:

Doordash is another great way to make supplemental income. I’ve talked to several drivers that literally make a living off of doordash in Orange County. Some even make over $1000 a week. I’m not saying it comes easy but if you want that kimd of money from doordash then it is possible if you work long enough hours.

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