DoorDash vs Postmates May 2017

Originally I started working for Postmates and now I decided to give doordash a shot. So far I am seeing major differences between the two.

Right away you will see that the postmates app looks really basic compared to the doordash app. The doordash app is structured better and is a lot smarter when it comes to giving you deliveries that make sense. For example when you are doing postmates you may get a delivery that is nearby but it will end up sending you a few cities over whereas doordash makes you choose the location that you want to deliver in and then sets boundaries so that you stay delivering in your designated area. Another big advantage is that doordash also has a partnership with dailypay so you can get paid sooner.

The Breakdown



  • Easy to log in and work anytime because you don’t have to schedule a block or set an ending time.


  • You have to wait longer to get paid.
  • No boundaries which also makes deliveries too spread out.
  • Deliveries aren’t as frequent.
  • Shady referral program.



  • Partnership with DailyPay so you can get paid quicker.
  • Scehduled deliveries : The delivery areas are never over saturated with drivers.
  • Restaurant partnerships : DoorDash has a lot of partnerships with restaurants to make order pick ups faster.
  • Shows destination before you accept the order.
  • Transparent referral program.


  • No “Blitz Pricing” but occasionally has incentives and promotions.


One thing that really bothers me about postmates is their referral program. When you refer drivers they say you get a bonus but there is no option to track your referrals. Referrals are a great way for drivers to earn extra money and it’s nice to be able to see some sort of status when we refer a new driver. Doordash shows you the status of your referrals in the app so you can effectively keep track of the new drivers that you’ve referred and can get your bonus. The best way to get others to sign up is to do at least 50 deliveries, that way you have some proof of the money you make with doordash and it’s easy to get your friends and family to join once you prove that you can actually make money driving for Doordash.

I also think that daily pay is an awesome feature to have. If you are in a situation and need some extra money quick then you can go and do some deliveries and have the money in your bank account the very next day. There aren’t many jobs you can do out there that will allow you to get paid so quickly.

There are plenty of reasons to drive for Doordash, put away money for your childs college fund, Save some extra money for that vacation that you’ve been wanting to take, Get that new pair of shoes that you’ve had your eye on. We all could use some extra money and Doordash is a great way to put that extra money in your pockets.

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Don’t forget to sign up for Daily Pay

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