Driving tips to maximize profits and staying out of trouble

As a person driving your personal vehicle for a living, your going to want to change your driving habits as well.

I have a few very important tips for you Uber Eats and Post Mates drivers out there.

1. Saving gas

We all want to get in as many deliveries as we can per hour but having a heavy foot can cost you extra gas. Get over that 5 minutes and drive appropriately. Speeding around town will drain your tank faster than you think.

2. Brakes

You’ll be doing a lot of stop and go in the city and this can have a dramatic impact on your brakes. Your breaking habits can make a unbelievable difference in how soon you will have to replace them and replacing brakes isn’t that cheap unless your like me and perform all of your vehicle maintenance yourself. How to make your brakes last longer? Maintain a decent speed so you can ease into stops rather than putting unnecessary pressure on your brakes and rotors. If you have a manual transmission vehicle like me then you can take advantage of downshifting to reduce your brake wear even further.

3. Tickets

Obey all traffic laws, don’t speed. Do not use your phone while driving. If you do need to use your phone then pull to the side of the road or into a parking lot. Your job relies on you having a valid drivers license ¬†and getting a ticket will affect your driving record and affect your income because then your now working to pay off tickets. The 5 minutes you think you’ll save by speeding can cost you 30 plus minutes of your time and money if you are caught.

4. Tires

Tires can have a big role in your gas mileage. Make it a habit to inspect your vehicle daily before a shift. Under inflated as well as over inflated tires can hurt your gas mileage and also brings up some safety concerns.

5. Accidents

Be proactive when driving. Sometimes you may even find that you have to drive for other people. You may be an excellent driver but if you don’t have the ability to always be aware of your surroundings then you are still in danger. You might not be at fault but you can also try and prevent someone else being at fault. For instance, if somebody is driving too close behind you then you need to make sure you leave a big enough gap between you and the car in front of you so you can slow down at a pace that the driver behind you can react to. This is one way to help prevent rear collisions that aren’t your fault. You just need to realize that not everyone out there is as safe as you may be. Always scan your surroundings and watch for dangerous behavior of other drivers.


Safety should be your #1 concern at all times and speeding just digs into your pockets and could end in a potential deadly incident.

Take your time and be safe. You’ll save money, time and possibly lives. And the one thing I shouldn’t have to say: Always wear your safety belt.

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