Easy mileage tracking using Mile IQ

Looking for an easy app to track your mileage?

Introducing Mile IQ

Mile Iq AppWether your a rideshare driver driving for Uber or Lyft, a food delivery driver with postmates or grubhub or an Amazon Flex delivery driver we all have the same thing in common. We are all independent contractors and when it comes to taxes it helps to keep track of our mileage so we can easily use it at tax time for extra deductions.

How does Mile IQ track you miles?

Mile IQ is an easy to use app for either Android or Iphone. The best feature of the app is the apps ability to auto detect your trips and start logging your miles automatically. Once you set up the Mile IQ app it basically runs itself.

Some key app features include

  • Automatic drive capture
  • Accurate & reliable tracking
  • Comprehensive mileage log
  • Minimal battery use

Easily classify your drives with a simple swipe

Easily classify your drives based on the drives purpose. Easily swipe to mark them as business, personal, medical, charity or any custom category you wish. You can even add specific details to any trip to further help you track your expenses

Mile IQ purpose

  • One-swipe drive classification
  • Standard & custom purposes
  • Additional drive details (vehicles, parking, tolls & notes)
  • Bulk & automatic classification options

MileIQ will automatically calculate the value of your drives, and at 54 cents a mile which is the 2016 IRS standard mileage rate you can see your savings add up fast. You’ll have your complete drive history stored securely in the cloud, making it easy to provide detailed mileage logs if the IRS should ever ask.

How Much Does Mile IQ Cost?

You can start using MileIQ right now for free

The free plan with MileIQ includes 40 logged trips per month. If you’re just the weekend driver then that should serve your purpose just fine.

If you drive more than 40 trips per month then you can still try it out for free. I would suggest setting up your car profile and see how much in deductions you’ll save at tax time and then you can make a better judgment and feel more comfortable with one of their affordable subscription plans.

MileIQ Monthly Plan

$5.99 a month

  • View, Edit and report Unlimited drives each month

MileIQ Yearly Plan 

The yearly plan saves you $12 a year at

$59.99 a year

  • View, Edit and report Unlimited drives each month


MileIQ is the best way to keep track of your miles.

Sign up now and try it for free


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