First night online with Uber Eats

I was very exited to get started with the Uber Eats Partner app so i logged on around 5 p.m.

I let it run for a while to see if anything would pop up but nothing happened.

I needed to take my daughter home which is across the county so I left the app on the whole way to see if anything would come up and to my surprise I saw nothing the whole time.

I’ve been online for about 4 hours now and am patiently waiting for my first order. Hopefully it comes through tonight.

To be honest though, the service is so new to my area that maybe people just aren’t using it yet. ¬†One idea I have is that Uber is waiting for enough drivers to sign up to really start promoting their new service. As a business person this makes perfect sense to me so I understand that it may take a few weeks for everything to get up and running. Most people around here have no idea that uber eats even exists yet.

I’m not letting this get me down at all, I personally believe that uber eats will be a huge success once they have enough drivers to move forward with the idea.

Just imagine if the demand was huge and there were not enough drivers to cover the orders. The service would then become a complete failure.

I for one am glad I’m getting in early. One of the biggest reasons is because this gives me the opportunity to learn the platform and come up with solutions to help you maximize your profits. The point for anyone getting into this should be to make as much money as possible and I want to teach you exactly how to do that.


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