Food Delivery Beats Rideshare in 2017

As we enter February of 2017 we have seen some recent changes to rideshare rates once again but this time it is Lyft that is cutting fares.

Delivering food with Uber Eats pays more per mile than both Lyft and Uber here in Orange County.

Why I Quit Ridehshare Driving?

About 6 months ago I started rideshare driving. Those that know my stories will know that I had a car from Ubers Xchange Leasing program because my personal car is a 2 door scion TC and I couldn’t use it for ridesharing so the xchange lease was the only way I could get a chance to see what it was all about and see if it was worth it. After all, what would this website be if I didn’t experience these things for myself.

Back to just before I got the car from Uber Xchange Leasing. Uber Eats had just launched in Orange County and so I signed up with my scion. I live on the North Side and at the time Uber Eats was only operating in South Orange County so I had to take a drive just to even try it out. So I went out there and the experience with Uber Eats in the beginning wasn’t that great. That’s when I decided to start looking into driving for Lyft and Uber and getting the car from xchange leasing.

After a couple months of driving people I really started to get sick of it. Uber and Lyft passengers are rude and don’t appreciate a damn thing. They all expect this white glove treatment and if you don’t bend over backwards to please them then they complain and give you a low rating. On here, behind my keyboard, I love to talk but honestly I’m really not a very social person and trying to strike up a conversation with random people just isn’t my thing so rides usually are quiet and awkward. I’m sure the outgoing drivers out there do better with passengers and I know the interactions are what generally lead to good tips but again,  it just wasn’t my thing.

Uber Eats Expanded

In September last year Uber Eats expanded and started operating on my side of the county so I decided to give it a try again. I have to say that it’s nice to sit at home and wait for deliveries instead of having to drive to a special area just to make money. At the time Uber Eats was paying  $2 a mile so I was all over it. I was making up to $25 on single deliveries and only having to drive 12 miles. It would take several passengers or 1 good ride to make that same money with rideshare. Delivering these orders usually takes me no more than 20 minutes from pick up to drop off, 30 minutes at the most.

So earlier this week I returned the Uber xchange leasing car and am done with passengers. It just wasn’t worth the ridiculous car payment to drive people around for such low fares. I would need to work 8 to 10 hours a day to come out on top because I still have my other car payment as well.

Why is food worth more than people?

This world is a weird place and people are pretty screwed up in the head. People are more willing to give a tip for delivering them food then safely taking them from point A to point B. I would think that your life is worth more than your dinner but for some reason people just don’t see it that way. They are happy to tip a waiter or waitress but will insist on getting the cheapest ride possible and leaving no tip.

What do I do now?

Now I’m free from that Uber car and am no longer a rideshare slave. I still think ridesharing can be good part time money if you already have a car and you concentrate on surge and Prime Time rides only.

Now I deliver for Amazon Flex, Uber Eats and DoorDash and that’s how I make my money today. Less mileage and wear amd tear on my vehicle and I make decent money pretty much staying in my own city. Occasionally I’ll get an amazon route in another city but for the most part my routes are usually in one of my surrounding neighborhoods.

Amazon Flex isn’t always hiring so you may have to wait but I recommend signing up to drive for Uber Eats and Doordash.

Uber Eats isn’t everywhere yet but doordash has been around for a while and should be available in most cities.

Use the links below to sign up today and we both will receive a bonus

Use my link for a special sign up bonus. The driver bonus for Uber Eats is constantly changing and is different in every city. As they hire more drivers the new driver bonus gets lower so sign up for Uber Eats today before they no longer offer a bonus in your city.

Drive for Uber Eats

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