Food delivery drivers should have these

Being a food delivery driver can sometimes be a stressful job and after driving for Uber Eats for a good minute I learned about ways to make the job a lot easier. Just by having a few simple items you will be a lot more productive no madder if you drive for Uber Eats, Postmates, Grub Hub, Door Dash or any other on demand food delivery service these tips will help.

Magnetic Micro Usb Cable

As a food delivery driver we need our phones to stay charged while we are working. Most people do not consider the fact that one of the most common parts that fails in cell phones is the usb charging port and as delivery drivers we are constantly putting on that extra wear and tear every time we unplug the charger.

Good thing for us there is something called a detachable magnetic connector which easily snaps onto the charging port. Not only does this protect our phones charging port but when it’s not in use it also acts as an anti-dust plug to keep the inside clean and free of pocket lint and debris. This really comes in handy when we’re in a hurry and we are constantly unplugging our phone and if you already have a case protecting your phone why not protect the charging port as well?

Slip Resistant Shoes

Besides keeping our phones safe we especially need to keep our selves safe and not everyday is going to be perfect sunshine weather and there will be days where you will be delivering out in the pouring rain and when this happens it is easy to slip and fall and people like us (Delivery Drivers) usually don’t have the proper insurance to cover us if we are injured on the job which could easily cost us our paycheck. Consider making an investment in your safety it is never a bad idea especially when your job is on the line.

Flash Lights

We all have different responsibilities and not everyone has the privilege of only working in the day time. There are many reasons why a flash light is an essential item, the most important reason is to be able to see the address of where you are dropping off your delivery because the last thing we need if for a delivery to go lost or missing.

Magnetic car mount holder

In most places it is illegal to use a cellphone while driving for obvious reasons. However for us food delivery drivers we kind of need to use our phones while driving and we all know that is a major risk but if you have a magnetic car mount holder that easily snaps onto the air vent and props your phone right up on your dashboard it makes it easily accessible and safe to use.

More experienced delivery drivers may already have these items but for those just starting out these items really come in handy since being a food delivery driver is such an unpredictable job it is worth it to make the job as easy as possible.

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