GrubHub Sign Up and Orientation

So I decided it was time to try something new and I decided to sign up for GrubHub and see what it was all about. In California they have a minimum wage guarantee so I figured that I’d have nothing to lose.

A little bit about GrubHub

GrubHub is a food delivery service that has been around for quite some time now compared to all of the new competitors such as Uber Eats.

How does GrubHub Differ

GrubHub takes a better approach than postmates and doordash when it comes to food delivery by not having drivers waste time placing orders at restaurants and paying with debit cards. This saves drivers time and orders are typically ready when you pick arrive to pick them up. They also offer a hourly gurantee and though it isn’t much it still guarantees that you’ll atleast make minimum wage.

Signing up for GrubHub

Signing up for GrubHub is easy and the process will take about a week to complete. After filling out the application they will then submit a background check to look over your driving record and criminal history.

Once you are approved then you will need to attend an orientation as the next step in the sign up process.

The GrubHub orientation can be scheduled for either an in person orientation or online orientation. I chose the online orientation because there were no spots available in my area until the following week.

Once you sign up for the orientation you’ll be provided with a link to use at the chosen orientation time to access the live orientation.

The orientation takes about a half an hour and will cover making deliveries and scheduling.

When the orientation is over you’ll be provided with a link to download the GrubHub drivers app and to sign up for their scheduling system on the When I Work platform.

When I Work is the software grubhub uses for scheduling. You can access it via their website or the official When I Work app.

GrubHub When I Work Scheduling

Within the app you’ll be able to see current shift swaps under the REQUESTS NEEDING ACTION tab.

You can accept available shifts using the OPEN SHIFTS AVAILABLE tab.

And you can also easily set your availability.

Getting your GrubHub Supplies

After you complete the orientation then GrubHub will mail you out your supplies. This includes 2 shirts, a hat, a basic delivery bag and a pizza delivery bag.

There isn’t too much to signing up for GrubHub and you can expect to wait about 2 weeks before you can start making deliveries. I’ll be trying it out for myself this week so be sure to check out my review in a couple of weeks.


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