How to be a 5 star Uber & Lyft Passenger

How to stay a 5 star Uber and Lyft Passenger

What many Uber and Lyft passengers don’t realize is that the rating system goes both ways. Low passenger ratings with Uber and Lyft can dramatically affect your wait time and overall experience. Uber and Lyft drivers are even using apps now to filter out requests from passengers with low ratings automatically.

How do you keep your passenger rating at 5 stars

I’ve put together a list of things to consider that will make the experience better for you and your driver.

It’s critical to remember that these drivers are using their personal vehicles and that they are regular people just like you. They care about their vehicles and you should respect their vehicles and treat them just like you would want someone to treat yours.

That being said, here is the list of things you can do to stay a 5 star passenger

  • Don’t slam doors

Slamming the doors is not only rude but it can do damage to the vehicle in the long run. The door latch is a mechanical part and can be broken if slammed too hard

  • Do not eat or bring liquid containers that cannot be resealed.¬†

Please do not bring food or drinks into your Uber or Lyft drivers car. Not only is this courteous to drivers but it will also keep you from getting charged a cleaning fee should you happen to spill or leave a mess. The car should be left in the same condition as it was when you entered.

  • Leave your attitude at home

Uber drivers are people and should be treated with the same respect that you would like to be treated with. An Uber or Lyft driver has every right to cancel a ride and ask you to leave his vehicle if you are even a little disrespectful.

  • Be on time and give yourself enough time

If you request a ride from Uber or Lyft then be ready when the driver gets there to pick you up. Also, make sure to give yourself enough time to get to your location. Uber and Lyft drivers will not risk their drivers license and the safety of others just because you are late. Don’t expect your driver to break any laws.

  • Leave a tip

ven though Uber says that tips aren’t required you should use your better judgement. The driver is providing a service to you and it’s a service that hets you somewhere safely from point a to point b. Surely this is worth more than a bartender serving you a drink or a waitress bringing you food. Drivers actually have your lives in their hands and it only makes sense and is appropriate to show your appreciation.

  • Don’t rate your driver poorly for the wrong reasons

Please don’t rate your driver poorly because he or she wasn’t the most talkative or because they didn’t provide you with water and candy. Rate your driver based on their driving and the cleanliness of the vehicle. If you get into a clean car and make it to your destination safely then the driver did their job and should deserve nothing other than 5 stars. Remember, these drivers depend on their ratings to pay their bills and feed their kids.

How would you feel if you gave a low rating for some silly reason and that driver lost access to Uber or Lyft because of you? Lot’s of drivers depend on these types of jobs for supplemental income or full time income so please rate responsibly.


So by following all of these Uber and Lyft passenger tips you’re sure to be a delightful passenger and you’ll keep your 5 star rating.

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