How to Uber and Lyft April 2017

The rideshare game is constantly changing, Uber and Lyft drivers are always looking for the best way to maximize their rideshare profits and earn the most for their time with the least bit of downtime.

I’ve been talking to a lot of Uber and Lyft drivers this month to find out what the current trend is. I know what I do but I wanted to see if other drivers out there making real money were on the same page as me.

So let’s hear what they had to say

Uber or Lyft or Both

I see a lot of drivers out there that either only drive for Uber or only drive for Lyft and they both are missing out by not taking advantage of both. But how do you use both to your advantage?

Drivers get more rides with Uber and with Uber you have less downtime. After doing my research of the Orange County and Los Angeles area I find that Uber surges way more than Lyft has prime time and this also backs up the fact that the demand for Uber is much higher than that of Lyft.


How to strategically use Lyft and Uber

The best way to use both is to have a primary app that you use all the time, because of the demand your primary app should be Uber. When it comes to Lyft it’s best to keep that as a secondary option. You’ll monitor the Lyft app and if you see a opportunity for prime time rides then take it.

This will keep you making more money with less down time, when your time and gas matter it’s best to figure out a system that makes sense and that you can actually profit from.

But what about tips

The whole Uber no tipping option sucks I know, but does that mean that Lyft passengers tip more….. NO

I’ve done hundreds of Lyft rides and only a small percentage of riders tip using the app. Don’t fall for the hype, this is hardly an advantage of driving for Lyft. I find that even though tipping isn’t necessary, Uber drivers still get tipped atleast as much as Lyft drivers do.

So do yourself a favor if you are a single app driver and sign up for both.

If you are completely new to rideshare then sign up for both and you don’t have to have the downtime of a single app driver and you can come home with more money every day.

We are trying to make a profit with rideshare and not just get by.

So yes Uber and Lyft are still profitable in 2017 and myself as well as plenty of other drivers are proof.

Sign up for Uber or Lyft using my links and we both receive a bonus.

All Uber and Lyft referral codes are the same so don’t believe others that say they have the best uber referral code or the best lyft referral code. Referral amounts are based on your location. In some cities you may get $1000 bonus and in others you may only get $50. It all depends on the demand in your area and how desperate the company is for drivers in your city at the time that you sign up.

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