I forgot to add a invite code for Uber


Did you forget to use a referral code when you signed up to drive for Uber?

Don’t worry, if you are still within 15 days of signing up then there is an easy process to add a invite code and get your new driver bonus with Uber.

The first step is to Login to your Uber app and click on HELP

From the help screen you then click on SIGNING UP

add Uber invite code later

From the signing up screen we then click on CREATING AN ACCOUNT

Forgot to add Uber invite code

And from the Creating an account screen you then click on


Uber invite code issue

And finally you will see the screen where it tells you that me and you will be eligible for a retroactive referral for 15 days after you sign up

How to add an Uber invite code

I made the last part easy for you as well, just copy and paste the following paragraph into the app and click submit and you’re done.

Hi, I just started driving for Uber but I forgot to enter an invite code when signing up.
The invite code I’d like to add is 4jjtdgw7ue


So if you forgot to add your Uber invite code and are still within 15 days of signing up then hurry up and get them your invite code before it’s too late.

If you don’t have a Uber new driver invite code then please use mine. The money from referrals is what keeps this website going.

Uber Invite Code 4jjtdgw7ue

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