Jolt Delivery Service, yet another food delivery start up

Jolt delivery los angeles

As if Uber Eats, Postmates, DoorDash and GrubHub weren’t enough, we have a new on demand food delivery service coming out of Los Angeles.

“You can earn an average of $15 an hour with a flexible schedule”

Sound familiar?

Why this company Jolt thinks they have a chance in an already saturated industry is above me.

While delivering for postmates, I’ve seen restaurants in Orange County with a table full of tablets to work with delivery companies. Do they really have room for another companies tablet on their counters? At this rate, these restaurants will need to hire a full time person just to be on top of the delivery orders. If that’s the case then what is to stop them from doing deliveries themselves at that point?

Olive Garden for instance is one big food chain that is currently starting to employ drivers for deliveries. They want to be in control of the whole customer interaction so employing their own drivers is the way to go.

In a way, maybe this competition is good because restaurants are starting to create more jobs as well because of the whole idea.

Is It Even Worth It To Try Jolt?

I don’t see this company outdoing the competition any time soon. If they want a fighting chance then they will need to concentrate on getting drivers to switch over to driving for them. In order to get drivers to switch, the company owners need to take a smaller cut and give drivers the money making advantage instead of themselves. That’s the only way drivers will even consider giving their company a chance where others have let them down.

We don’t need another Postmates or Uber Eats experience. Why would anyone out there choose jolt above the rest unless they have new ideas to offer.

What Drivers Will Jolt Attract?

Most likely, the drivers that jolt probably hopes to prey on are drivers that have been deactivated by Postmates, DoorDash or Uber Eats. This means that these drivers are the worst of the worst. I personally don’t agree with being deactivated because of ratings alone but if you have been deactivated and still want to do this type of work then Jolt is there for you.

Final Thoughts 

Jolt could be a great company to work with but I’m not going to be the one to try it. If anything, it would be a last result for me at a desperate attempt to keep delivering food for a living.

If Jolt wishes to be a success then I have two major tips for them.

  • Don’t be greedy: Give your drivers a reason to choose your company over the rest.
  • Better Marketing: You will not attract drivers with that basic $15 an hour talk. Without drivers then a delivery company is nothing. You have to do something above and beyond what these other companies that have been in the business for years already offer. You can’t compete with the already established clientele so your only hope is to take away drivers and leave the other companies with none. That’s the only way jolt could possibly make a difference and have a chance.

Want to learn more about Jolt?

Here is their official website



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