Juno Coming To Los Angeles and Orange County

Update on Juno Coming To Los Angeles….

We we’re all excited when Juno first announced plans to expand to Los Angeles and other parts of the U.S. but it’s been over a year now and Juno still has yet to step onto new territory. Juno was a good idea a year ago but now unfortunately there is a new company with a new approach that wipes out Juno’s plan of being the driver friendly rideshare company completely. Now Juno is in the same position as Uber and Lyft. I’ll give more details on this new company and they progress but as of June 2017 Lyft is still considered to be the best platform for rideshare drivers.

So if you haven’t yet signed up for Lyft and are still waiting for Juno then give Lyft a try. Lyft has the most generous new driver bonus and me and you will get the same bonus when you sign up using my link below. Stop wasting time waiting for Juno and make some money with Lyft today

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If you are still interested in pre registering for Juno then you can continue reading below.


The rideshare service that promises to be about the drivers is coming soon to Los Angeles and Orange County. Right now you can pre-register and lock in a 10% service fee versus Lyft and Ubers 25% fee. It may not sound like much but hey 15% is 15% drivers are already flocking to the sign up page and hopefully hen they finally ome to town it will force Uber and Lyft to lower their fees or else their drivers will become Juno drivers and they will be in big trouble with no drivers to serve their customers. Could this possibly be Junos big strategy to ake out the competition. We all know that money talks so let’s hear that money scream to get our attention.

I’m already on board and I can’t wait to see how Juno stirs up the rideshare game. As more options come then we as drivers become more powerful.

Why Drive For Juno?

Juno promises to give drivers the credit they deserve.

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Lyft is still the best option for drivers in Los Angeles and Orange County. If you’re waiting for Juno to come to California then you can still make money with Lyft.

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