Lyft Express drive Background check

Lyft background check approved

I finally got my background check approved to drive for lyft in Los Angeles.

From start to finish, the background check process was very long and had me impatiently waiting every day. It took a total of 10 days for everything to be processed but I finally have the green light.

Once your background is approved then your status will change under the vehicles and docs tab and you should now have the option to select a pick up time for your GM rental.

I was sooo excited to see that I was approved but once I clicked the rent vehicle button I was quickly disappointed when I saw this message.

Lyft express drive los angeles no vehicles available

No vehicles are currently available.

Please check back later.

Well this sucks, I paid a deposit which I don’t get back til my first ride and now I have no idea when that first ride will be. It doesn’t say anywhere when signing up that cars are based on availability. If I knew this ahead of time then I might have went for the hertz program instead.

It’s GM, a car manufacturer, how could they have a shortage on cars?

If there are no cars available then why do they continue to let people sign up for this rental program?

My next step was contacting lyft support to ask them what type of time frame I would be looking at before I could get a car.

I received a reply about a half hour after sending the message which was nice. (Atleast they are on top of their support)

Here is what lyft support told me.

Sep 24, 8:39 AM PDT

Thanks for reaching out! I’m happy to offer some insight.

The Express Drive program has gained more interest than expected and the demand for vehicles is very high. Our team is working really hard to get more vehicles added for our drivers! We are just as eager as you are to get you on the road.

At this time, we do not have a way to see when vehicles will be available. Vehicle availability depends on both GM’s supply of vehicles and when vehicles are turned in by other drivers. Vehicles are added to the dashboard as soon as they become available and we add new vehicles daily.

While we would love to assign you a vehicle today, we do not have the ability to do so. The best way to secure a vehicle is to keep checking the dashboard often.

Thank you so much for your time and patience while waiting to secure a vehicle. We can’t wait to get you on the road with us!

Please let me know if you have any further questions or concerns- I’m here to help. Have a great day, Frank!

All the best,


Lyft Support Representative

What do I do now?

They say they add new vehicles daily so I gueess I’m going to be the big refresher all day every day until I get to make an appointment.

It really sucks to have to do it that way. I’d much rather be in a first come first serve¬†queue than having to randomly check and hope for the best.

I know this program is new to lyft so I won’t really hold it against them but I feel like they do need to make this process better for drivers and they need to do this immediately because not all people are as understanding as me when giving a deposit and then being told you have to wait.

Just like most of you guys and girls out there, I am doing this because I want to make extra money. I don’t have an extra $50 to let sit there. I work full time and have lots of bills so all of my money is accounted for. It was a big sacrifice for me to put up that $50 and I’m sure a lot of people looking at ridesharing for extra income are in the same position as me.

I really hope this article is able to reach those in the same position as me. It’s hard to be stuck in a spot with no answers. As always, I strive to give you the information that other websites leave out. Let me know if I’ve helped you and share your experience in the comments section below.


  • Jorge Perez

    Hey Frank. I’ve been with Lyft and Uber for over a year now. You really should’ve done more research on the Hertz + Lyft Rental (which is actually their Express Drive program). With Lyft and Hertz, there is NO DEPOSIT for a Hertz rental. Lyft actually pays the $250 deposit on your behalf! It costs exactly $0 to pick up a vehicle from a Hertz location that operates with Lyft (such as the Costa Mesa branch in Orange County on Harbor). Not to be rude, but just letting you know, you could have discovered the $0 deposit from Hertz + Lyft if you just had CALLED the Hertz location in Costa Mesa. They would’ve explained everything to you over the phone.

    Also, with the Hertz rental, there is Unlimited Miles included. Versus the GM Express Drive, you’re responsible to pay $0.25 for every single mile driven when you are NOT signed in to Driver Mode in the Lyft app. With the Hertz rental, you get Unlimited Miles free, regardless if you’re signed in or out of Driver Mode.

    Now if you were to get a Hertz rental through Uber, with their Vehicle Solutions Program, then you would then have to put down a $250 deposit with Hertz through Uber. However, you get that $250 deposit returned to you within 5 business days of picking up the vehicle, Hertz does not keep that deposit at all.

    • Kushest

      Yes, that is called a credit card authorization. It’s not an actual charge. They just want to make sure that you have atleast that much available. The money is usually released in 3 days.

  • Kushest

    I did plenty of research. The main reason I did this was to test the waters and see if it would be worth it to invest in a new car or not. I didn’t want to take anyone’s word for the amount of money that you could make. There are a few reasons why I didn’t choose the hertz rental program. The main one being that you have to personally go in to renew your rental. I worked in the car rental business for several years. I highly doubt that hertz will give a car with no deposit. Seems like thats info that they would want to put on their website. You are the first I’ve heard mention anything like that. If calling to specifically ask if the deposit is waived or not is doing enough research then I guess I’m guilty lol. Either way, deposit or not, being the busy person that I am I would not want to go through the hassle of monthly renewals. In the rental car world this is called a mini lease.
    I now have a vehicle through xchange leasing which has unlimited miles and is about $60 a week less than the Hertz rental. Remember, the hertz price is plus tax. Unfortunately there is a lot more to it. I wish it was as beautiful as you try and make it sound but the truth is that it comes out to the same. With the gm deal you may be charged for mileage. That basically brings it up to the price of he hertz vehicle. I have more points but I think that should be enough.

    • Kushest

      And no, I don’t plan on doing enough rides a week to qualify for the free rental so I don’t see that as a selling point for myself. But like I said in my post. If you can do that many rides then the lyft express hertz deal would be the best option. Unfortunately a lot of us drivers also have day jobs and can’t make the commitment to reach those goals.

  • Kushest

    Also this post is about the background check process and picking up a car through the gm deal, not about a full explanation of express drive and all of its options

  • Kushest

    If anyone else reading this has had their hertz deposit “waived” by lyft then please let us know.

    • Liz R

      Sent a “Contact Us” note to Lyft a few minutes ago requesting that they waive the $50 deposit for ExpressDrive citing financial hardship. Jorge Perez (below) commented saying something about contacting Hertz directly at which time we would be advised that theres $0.00 deposit requirement to take possession of one of their vehicles in the Lyft program. I didnt necessarily want to call Hertz. That’s no where in the playbook. Anyway, i’ll let you know what happens. I, too, am in OC. Hey do we know which vehicle model(s) are generally available?

      • Liz R

        Reply came back. No can do. Lyft Responder went on to say that the $50 is to “hold your reservation and process your application” … and, “The deposit will be returned if you do not pass the DMV/background checks, or stop using Express Drive & return your car. It will also be used to cover some or all of any outstanding obligations on your rental.”

        Here’s my dilemma. Because Ive himmed & hawed and havent provided debit card info for the $50, evidently I no longer qualify for the New Driver Bonus. Can I let some time pass and start a new app & qualify for the bonus at that time? Any idea how much time has to pass or is it a 1-time only offer. I asked him to check, he didnt see a bonus code on my app anyway!!!! idk good question!

        • Kushest

          I believe the bonus doesn’t start until you are approved and since you didn’t actually finish the process then you are still technically a new driver. So if it doesn’t show up then I would email lyft support or tell them about it when you go for your orientation and I’m sure they will have no problem honoring it.

        • Kushest

          Also, thanks for coming back and updating us on your experience

  • Dan Cano

    Hey Frank, I am considering to do Lyft Express Drive. the question I have is… say I make the 75 or 85 (whatever the number is to get the free rental) rides and I make $150 total and i do another 30 rides for another $20. Does that mean that I get to keep the $170 and the rental is free? or is it $170 minus the rental fee (say it’s $135) so I end up making with only $35 for that week?

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