Lyft referral bonus is now 50/50 as of November 2016

So today I went to check on my lyft referrals and I noticed that lyft now gives the referrer and the referred  the same bonus.

Right now for drivers in Orange County you will get a $200 sign on bonus for becoming a new lyft driver. As your referring driver I get $200 as well.

I think it’s nice that they are making it 50/50. Of course my website runs on referalls so it also feels good to know that it’s a fair deal to sign up with my lyft referral code.

If you sign up under The Delivery Blog then I will laminate your trade dress stickers for you for free if you send them to me and I’ll send them right back so you can get on the road and start making money.

The lyft sign on bonus does vary from city to city so don’t believe anything saying that they have the best referral code. No matter what referral code you sign up with the lyft new driver bonus will be the same based on your city.

Sign up for Lyft today and start earning.

Here’s where to apply:


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