Lyft referral bonus update

Hey everyone, I have some exiting news to share about an update to the lyft referral program. They have made the process for you and your referral to both benefit much easier.

Let’s start with the flaws of the old lyft referral program.

If you have referred someone to lyft in the past then you will be very familiar with the waiting game and hoping your referral makes his rides within the given time frame otherwise you don’t get a penny. This makes referrers feel cheated as the referral bonus never comes.

When I signed up it was with  a $2000 bonus. But I had to complete 500 rides in 90 days to get it. There is no way I personally am going to complete those rides and neither me nor my referrer will get anything from my sign up with lyft.  One of my most recent lyft referrals needs 500 rides in 90 days as well. It’s been 4 weeks and he’s only done 5. The point is that you’ll only see that bonus money if a driver goes out full time. Most people out here driving have a day job and only drive part time. Lyft and Uber both know the chances of people hitting those numbers is low and in return their referral payouts aren’t going to many people. Uber Eats has a current referral program that only requires 50 deliveries in 30 days for a $400 referral bonus. While this still doesn’t compare to the new lyft referral update it is still easily obtainable. Because of the low number of trips needed I’ve been focusing all of my referring to Uber Eats but now I think that is going to change since lyft is changing the referral game.

The new Lyft referral bonus program


   Refer a Orange County driver, and you’re both still eligible for a $475 bonus – except you’ll reap the benefits sooner. You’ll each earn $3.52 for every ride they give in their first 30 days, up to $475.

So now, no matter how many rides your referral does you will still get something out of it and it doesn’t have to be a total loss if they don’t reach the full amount.

That $475 looks great but I’ll be happy to even get $100 of that for practically doing nothing. If they do just 30 rides in that month then that will be $105.60 but not just for me. For both of us. Now your referral gets whatever you get so there will be no more people out there saying sign up under me and I’ll give you have of my referral bonus or any of that. None of that nonsense is necessary anymore.

To reach the maximum incentive amount it would require 135 rides in 30 days.

So, now you and your referral both get the exact same referral reward when they sign up. Seems like a guaranteed win win to me.

Is this new Lyft referral program available everywhere?

I literally just received this email this morning and mine says Orange County so I can’t say if this new program is the same in all areas. If they were smart then they would do it everywhere to maintain consistency and trust between them and drivers.

I’ll need you guys to chime in and let me know if you have gotten the same message in your area so we can determine if it is just a regional thing or if this changes the referral program for everybody.

But there are already too many drivers out there

Yes, in Orange County and Los Angeles we are already flooded with drivers. That may be the reason for this new program because there just isn’t enough work for someone to get 500 rides in 90 days or whatever their terms may be. To me this all seems like a temporary fix to get people to drive for just a month and then quit. Once they see the regular fare without that extra $3.52 on top it will probably be quitting time for most drivers. Once you get used to a certain amount and then that amount is cut then your whole view will change. Just ask all ofbthe Uber and Lyft drivers that used to be happy drivers before the rate cuts. If they only work for a month then that’s ok with me because as we know… There are already too many drivers out there.

For someone like me this is a huge deal because I get people signing up through my website daily and I don’t really have to market it or sell it. People find me through google. It’s nice to know that I can start counting on referral income a little more instead of hoping that people make the amount of rides necessary for the bonus.

Under this new referral program if I have 10 people out there doing 5 rides a day then thats $176 a day for me.

I’ll put it to you this way, I’m not greedy and the truth is anyone can do what I do. I’m nobody special, I just like to talk.

If you are reading this and are new to Lyft then you can sign up using my link below and be one of the first to take advantage of this awesome new referral structure.

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