Lyft vs Uber 2017

Lyft Vs Uber 2017 The war between the two rideshare companies has been a big one but the main thing that still undoubtedly seperates the two is the ability for passengers to tip. The ability to receive a tip can make or break a ride. The tips can add up and end up paying for your gas and filling the gap between your earnings and the fee that both companies take which is typically 25%. Uber continues to thrive on a heavy driver turnaround by luring drivers in with a sign up bonus that most drivers never see because most are part time and aren’t out there doing hundreds of rides per week. I have a lot of people sign up for Uber through my website but not one so far has completed the rides necessary to get the bonus. A lot of people may think I make a lot of money on referral bonuses but it’s very rare for one of my referred drivers to complete the necessary rides in time because there are so many drivers out there that there aren’t enough rides to do it in a timely manner. Not many people want to drive passengers around for 12 hours a day. Because uber is relying on the turn around of drivers their service has become mostly new drivers all of the time. In return this hurts the customer experience because there are very few experienced drivers that stay driving for Uber. What Uber doesn’t realize is that by using their throw away driver technique they are potentially committing corporate suicide. Eventually so many drivers will be unhappy and feel cheated and what do you think they will tell their family and friends. “DON’T USE UBER” it’s that simple. When you have personally pissed off millions of people as a company do you really think you will have customers in the end for your self driving cars. Most likely not. The idea of creating these new jobs for people was an amazing idea and showed great social responsibility but now their social responsibility is moving backwards and slowly driving for Uber and Lyft is worth less and less. Both companies have current projects going on for self driving vehicles so in the end their social responsibility which was once worth millions to our economy will then only make money for the big corporations and their shareholders. As Consumers We Can Stop This Once people realize the real motive of these companies then they will quickly lose support and all of their clientele to new rideshare companies. Their only customers at that point will be the cheap ass people that use it only because it is the cheapest option. As consumers we decide if the company lasts or not but it all starts with spreading awareness and the truth. So which company is better, Uber or Lyft I find it hard to trust either one but Lyft definitely gives the drivers more than Uber does. Even though the rates are pretty similar you at least have the opportunity to receive a tip from lyft passengers. Lyft passengers tend to be a little nicer and complain a lot less. Uber drivers have turned ridesharing into something it never should have been by offering water, candy and other things to passengers so now passengers tend to expect that. If you aren’t spending out of the little you make to provide special things to these passengers then they will rate you low. Lyft passengers don’t seem to be as demanding and don’t tend to expect luxury treatment. Lyfts new referral bonus structureย  As I stated above it’s hard for people to actually get the amount of rides necessary for new drivers to get their sign up bonus but Lyft has stepped up and has given us a better and more trustworthy version of the referral program which guarantees you a bonus rather than offering a bonus that is hard to reach. This is less deceptive and is the best sign up bonus that I can think of. You no longer have to worry about being screwed and being a throw away driver. Here is how lyfts new driver referral program works.

Get a $475 bonus
Apply now, and reap the benefits right away: Get an extra $3.52 for every ride you give in your first 30 days, up to $475

So in your first 30 days you’ll get the base fare plus an extra $3.52 for every ride you give. You will get the $3.52 for every ride until it adds up to $475 So pretty much if you do atleast one ride you still get a piece of the sign up bonus instead of nothing at all because you didn’t complete 100 rides in 30 days. Full time drivers should have no problem either way but for new part time lyft drivers this guarantees atleast something. It adds up quick, just 10 rides will give you an extra $35 There is no doubt that Lyft does more for it’s drivers and cares more about driver retainment than the fast moving competitor Uber. If you are thinking of signing up with a rideshare company than Lyft is the company to go with. I would also still suggest driving for Uber but only of you see surge pricing. Uber is only worth your time during a 1.5 or more surge. Use my links below to sign up to ensure you get your sign up bonus.

Drive for Lyft

Drive for Uberย

Juno is the new driver friendly rideshare company and will be coming to Los Angeles and Orange County this year. You can pre register as a driver and be notified as soon as they start operating in your area Read More About Juno And Sign Up Here

  • Tamera Noll

    Hmm…interesting …well just for your info ๐Ÿ™‚ I started with Uber back in Dec (was not thrilled about the $840 I just wanted a FLAT Sign up..however I was like fine..whatever ๐Ÿ˜› MY situation is/was one that I have a almost full time job (28 to 30 hours a week..and had Nights and weekends to pull off the 75 ..however I figured there was NO way I wouldn’t hit 75 in 90 DAys! that’s a LONG TIME.. ANYWAY I started on a Weds..Terrified mind you..anyway LONG story short..I worked about 15.54 first week with 32 trips made $224.77. At that point I did a little math and saw that was I was averaging $7 a ride. Then I x that by the 75 and saw if it stayed at that I would be getting about $300 ish bonus. Anyway the following week I was going for it ๐Ÿ™‚ did 19.25 hours..45 trips and got it instantly it was $354 and I did the promotion they sent and made an extra $20 LOL total that week was $691..well I was happy….HOWEVER I am part time. My goal every week is to do $300 at least..So obviously I was good with that. I saw that I averaged about $15 an hour wasn’t thrilling..but hey I wasn’t expecting TOO much..I just wanted to make my weekly $300 . So…I don’t AGREE with the .reasons why people don’t make the bonus..MY dad, almost 80 REALLY needed some work..he got approved and REALLY was not interested…but needed some $ during a lag in work…it took me 3 weeks and 4 to 6 times of him watching the training video (very frustrating) a few reasons came up where he had to go the hub station at least 4 times …ins wouldn’t show…app had an was a mini nighmare to say the least…I couldn’t get him going really…I even offered to follow him on his first trip! FINALLY he went out…quite frankly he didn’t like it the first week..ANOTHER long story short by his 3rd week..he hit $75 and my $500 was deposited immediatly! ๐Ÿ™‚ (was this last weekend actually) Currently he loves it…ya there are things he doesn’t but he’s happy…So..again…people need their hand held. You must help them if you want that bonus. My thoughts..and my experience. I have really had NO issues that are not understandable with Uber. So BEST to you and thank you for your contribution ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Kushest

      My story about not making the rides was about Lyft. With Uber it’s definitely easier to reach the goal because they have a lot more customers. Lyft on the other hand is rather slow which makes it really hard to get those rides.

      • Tamera Noll

        OH!! I gotcha ๐Ÿ˜‰ LOL totally signed up …still need to do that Car check…I am REALLY want to give them a go…but pretty comfortable and happy with UBER at the moment ..but I will get there. THanks!

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