Magnetic Usb Charging Cable Review

Magnetic micro usb charging cable from amazon review

If you deliver for Amazon Flex, Uber Eats or any other type of delivery service then you face the same issue as me. Extreme wear and tear on your phones USB charging port.

When doing deliveries we constantly need to remove our phones from our dash mounts to scan items. We also need our phones to stay charged. How can we easily do this without constantly plugging and unplugging our phones.

Most people have experienced a messed up charging port at one time or another and it is pretty common, but how can we protect our phones and also make our jobs easier.

Introducing the magnetic USB cable

Magnetic micro usb charging cable from amazon review

Magnetic USB cables are perfect for delivery drivers, it’s definitely a must have.

The micro usb end stays in your phone the whole time so there is no constant plugging and unplugging. It connects by a magnet for simple attachment and removal with one hand.

Magnetic Micro Usb Male Connector

Here are a couple videos I took to show the magnet strength of this usb cable.

These usb cables are made for Iphone and Android phones and will dramatically help extend the life of your device.

The magnetic usb cables come in different price ranges. The one I got was on the cheaper end but it has worked flawlessly so far. It charges as fast as a regular usb cable and it’s easy to remove the plug from the bottom of your phone.

There really isn’t much to say about these magnetic usb cables except go out and get one. You’ll see how much it’s worth to you the first day you use it.

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