Meet Amp, The New Lyft Emblem

Lyft amp is the new lyft emblem

Say goodbye to the glowstache and say hello to Amp, the all new lyft emblem.

This thing is pretty awesome and has all of the features that I wish the glowstache had.

Lyft will be bringing Amp to drivers nationwide over the next four months.

How does The Amp Lyft Emblem Work?

It sits right on your car’s dashboard and connects wirelessly with your phone via Bluetooth. With the bluetooth connection Amp is able to know when you are picking up a passenger and automatically lights up and changes color so the passenger can easily identify you.

Could It Get Any Better?

If Amp were to be any better then it would display the passengers name. This could really help in situations such as concerts where there may be multiple lyft drivers. Passengers tend to look for the trade dress first and then identify the car. Another thing I may suggest is that it attach to the rear view mirror or visor instead of the dashboard. With my phone and my dashcam already there it kind of feels cluttered. I don’t know if that option is legal though so that may be why they are continuing with the dash setup that worked well for the glowstache.

I personally can’t wait to get my hands on one of these. Maybe I’ll get lucky and be able to get them to give me one for review.

I’ll post any updates as soon as I get them but for now, check out the official Lyft Amp promo video.

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