My first day delivering for Postmates

Yesterday was my first time working a shift for Postmates in Southern California and it was a smooth experience .

My journey began at home in Buena Park when I received a package in the mail containing my Postmates Delivery bag and debit card. After opening the package I immediately logged into the app and went online after about 10 minutes I hadn’t received any notifications for a delivery so I decided to drive to the nearest hot spot location which was down the street in Cerritos.

Within minutes of being in the hot spot I received a notification from my postmates app to pick up an order at a nearby Starbucks. When I arrived at Starbucks I took my time when reading the order to the cashier and also double checked in the app to make sure that I was ordering the correct item. At first I was a little hesitant using the Postmates debit card for the first time but it was simple, all I had to do was slide the card and didn’t even have to enter a pin number. After that I took a picture of the receipt to itemize it and from there the app guided me to the delivery location which was in the City of Artesia.

After I completed my first delivery I decided to stick around that area until I got another order which ended up being a pick up at Chilies that was a little further away in the city of Downey. This order was more convenient because the customer paid online so I didn’t even have to use the Postmates debit card and the food was ready to go. From there the app guided me down the street to a nearby apartment complex by that time I completed my second order it was around 9 pm and I was low on gas so after driving a few cities away from home I decided to go offline and headed back with a sense of accomplishment because I had successfully completed my first two deliveries as a Postmates driver!

Overall my first night was basically a test run and it was worth it. I received about $10 plus a few dollars in cash tips for a little less than an hours work. However one good piece of advice that I had learned is that if you are patient and stay at home until you receive a delivery notification you will drive a lot less further saving time and money on gas.  Once again this is my experience based on doing Postmates in Orange County and Los Angeles. The deliveries that you get may be different depending on the area that you’re in and the payout should be the same or even greater depending on the time that you go online, during dinner time is highly recommended if you want good pay.

If you would like to sign up for Postmates use the link below. The first step will be to enter your email and create a password and from there you will see my personal email address which is used as the referral code which will provide us both with a bonus!

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