My first night delivering for postmates

Here is a breakdown of my first 4 hour shift with postmates. It started out good but quickly went downhill.

Here is a screenshot of my work for the night followed by an explanation of each delivery.


The night started out with a order for ralphs. The order was for 7 bottles of wine, a bottle of vodka and 2 bottles of club soda. The total was around  $130. It was a little hard and took a little time to find everything on the list but I finally made it to the checkout. I was pretty scared using the pex card for the first time especially for such a large amount of money but the transaction was approved so on my way to the drop off location. It was a big house in a gated community so I was pretty sure I’d see a nice tip and sure enough I did. I got $8.11 for the delivery plus $21.04 for a tip. $29 for my first hour. Wow, that got me exited and I couldn’t wait to move on to the next delivery.

Now for the nightmare orders.

The next order I received was for chik fil a . I went down there, ordered and received the food and when I got to my car opened the app to pull up the customers address and it initiated the dropoff. I then had the food and lost all of the customers information with no way to deliver the package. I desperately scrambled around in the app trying to find a way to contact somebody so I could get this order dropped off but unless you are currently in on an order then there is literally no way to contact support. I would literally have to accept another delivery in order to talk to someone. My only option was to send a email from the form on their help page. I drove close to the drop off location  (Luckily I Knew The Area) hoping that they would contact me but I got nothing. The customer was already charged and there is nothing I can do at this point so I just said oh well and moved onto the next order.

The next order was to be picked up from Vons. It was for 6 bottles of Acqua Panna water. I once again paid and left the store. This time I was able to successfully initiate the navigation but half way there My phone started making some new annoying sound. It was notifying me that the order was canceled. So I opened the fleet app back up and my only option was to select dropoff which then said it charged the customer. At this point everything is really messy and I have no idea what is going on. Now I fear that my reputation is going to be ruined and they are going to deactivate my account.

I decided to try one more time. Honestly it becomes kind of addicting. But the last order sent me to arco. The arco that it sent me to was completely fenced off and closed for remodeling. I still didn’t know what the order was because it only tells you once you arrive at the pickup location but I did get a message from the customer asking me to  “LeaveThe Cigarettes By The Front Door” This immediately sounded shady to me and I opted to cancel the order. One of the options when you cancel is was the business closed. That’s what I chose and it wasn’t a lie so who knows. On top of all of that, I’m not about to get in trouble for distribution to a minor. I feel that some items really should be banned from being delivered in such a way. Also it looks a little suspicious having someone walk up to your doorstep at night and leave without speaking to anyone. That’s an easy way to get the cops called on you and have them come out with their guns drawn.

So ya, the night started out awesome but then I started to lose all hope. I’ll give it a few days to see if I hear anything negative from postmates. If they at all try to make me seem like I did something wrong then I think I’ll turn away and never look back again.


Yes you can make good money driving with postmates. But is it worth the trouble? We’ll soon see. I’m going through this and sharing so you can make a reasonable decision about working with any of these companies.

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