My first postmates alcohol delivery

Yesterday was my first time delivering alcohol for postmates and it was awesome!

Last night I was logged into the postmates app and received a delivery from a local liquor store to pick up some jaigermeister, When I arrived at the liquor store I walked in and told the clerk I was there for a postmates pickup and the only thing he asked was for the order number and to see my i.d. Then he handed me this nice looking postmates bag that had the alcohol in it.

On the way to the drop off location the postmates app notified me several times to check the customers i.d. and verify their date of birth. So when I finally arrived I told them that I needed see there i.d. and verify it with the postmates app, Once I did that the app said everything was clear to give them the alcohol.

With that being my first postmates alcohol delivery I was surprised with how smooth the process went. It is just like any other delivery except you need to make sure that the customer is the appropriate age by verifying it with the postmates app before you can legally give them the alcohol.

Incase you didn’t know doordash started doing alcohol delivery as well and is another great option for work along side postmates, Here’s the link if you want to sign up.


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