My Issue with the Door Dash Referral program

When I first became a DoorDash driver aka “Dasher” I already had been delivering with Postmates for a few months.

After doing my first few deliveries I began writing about my delivery experiences and promoting my referral code because I believed that DoorDash was a good alternative to Postmates. After my blog post had been sitting for a few weeks I began getting sign ups under my name. After getting a few people to sign up I went ahead and looked into their referral policy and found out that you can only get a maximum of 15 people to sign up with your referral code which I thought was stupid and that wasn’t the only thing that upset me, another issue was that there was no way to see the status of any of the deliveries that the referral drivers had completed.

At that point I was extremely disappointed in my efforts to recruit drivers because I had put in all the work to get people to sign up and received nothing in return. Currently I have 14 people signed up under my name and still have not received any type of compensation for the work I put in.

My frustrations finally got to a point where I wrote DoorDash an email telling them that there referral program is completely ridiculous and a big waste of time because they wouldn’t even let me see the status of the referral drivers. So there was no way to know if they completed the deliveries which was making it all seem like a scam.

Soon after I sent that I sent them an email about my problems with the referral program and then they ending up adding an option to view the status of the referrals.

Now i’m not completely trashing DoorDash because I still believe it is worth doing for side money, However if they could be more upfront and honest about their referral bonus than that will make the biggest difference. This issue has dissapointed many other drivers as well and we really deserve to get paid for our efforts As of right now I am still a Dasher but I will not take part in their referral program until I see them change their rules and make the referral bonus more achievable.

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