Mystro added support for new Lyft App

Back again for another Mystro update.

Today the Mystro team has added support for the new Lyft driver app and are now just a week or so away from their official launch of the Mystro app for Android.

But that’s not all, they are also working hard to get Mystro working on Iphone as well. The iphone app won’t be ready by the official Android launch date but we should see it within the next few months.

Luckily my backup phone is an iphone 6 so I’ll be waiting to try out the ios version of Mystro too so you’ll be sure to see updates here when it’s released.

How does Mystro charge drivers

The Mystro app will feature three membership options, current user discounts and referral bonuses:
• Free Option (a limited amount of allowed trips per week)
• Monthly Option (set fee each month for unlimited use)
• Annual Option (flat fee for 12 months, aggressively discounted from monthly fee)
• There will be a free 7-day trial for all users
• Current users (you), who sign-up within one week of launch will receive discounts on both the monthly and annual plans

As you can see, the Mystro team has put together a reasonable pricing plan and they are so confident that you even get to try the Mystro app for free for 7 days.

The Mystro app is here to change the way rideshare works to benefit the drivers instead of the big companies like Uber and Lyft. No more driving for pennies.

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Ready to sign up for Mystro

Use the following referral code when signing up for Mystro.


Mystro Driver


Stay tuned for more updates and my official Mystro App launch post which will help explain some of the features and include tips for using the app and getting started quickly.

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