Mystro the rideshare assistant

Mystro is the app that all rideshare drivers have been waiting for.

Mystro Rideshare App

What is Mystro?

Mystro is the ultimate rideshare assistant app for Uber and Lyft drivers.

Most rideshare drivers drive for both Uber and Lyft. While it’s not an incredibly hard task, when running both platforms it’s easy to forget and leave one app on after accepting a ride on the other.

Mystro solves this problem for rideshare drivers by automatically performing some of these tasks for us.

Mystro rideshare app switching

What Does Mystro Do?

Mystro not only auto accepts rides but it also has some valuable settings to help you have more control over the rides that mystro accepts for you.

Mystro Trip Request Filter

Mystro trip request filter


With the trip request feature in the Mystro rideshare app you can filter out trip requests based on the length of time it takes to pick up a passenger.


Mystro Passenger Rating Filter

Mystro passenger rating filter

With the passenger rating filter on the Mystro app you can automatically filter out potential problem passengers with ease by setting the minimum passenger rating that you are willing to accept.

Mystro Uber Pool and Lyft Line filter

Mystro Uber Pool and Lyft Line filter

And the best was saved for last….

Most of us Uber and Lyft drivers hate those cheap Uber pool and Lyft Line rides. With the Mystro app you can even filter out pool and line rides.

What Could Make Mystro Better?

Mystro developers have thought of the biggest details but there is just one feature that is left out. I’ll have to reach out to them on this but I’m sure it has to be part of their plans. Anyways, the feature that they really need to add is a Surge and Prime Time filter. If they can add this last feature then it will really make this app a must have for any rideshare driver.

How Much Does It Cost To Use Mystro?

My updated Mystro Post

Mystro is the simple solution that Uber and Lyft drivers have been waiting on for a long time. Some people out there are saying it’s for lazy drivers but I say it’s for smart drivers. Of course all of the things the app does can be done by you but come on, this is 2017, do people really want to have to do things that a computer can do for them. I have no problem sitting back and letting Mystro take control.

By using Mystro with Uber and Lyft and driving for Rydengo you can have the ultimate control over your rideshare business and earn more money with your time.

The Mystro app is currently in beta and is available on google play

To find out more information about the Mystro rideshare app then you can go to their official website to read more and sign up. You need a referral code to sign up for Mystro and I reached out to the developers today and hope to get a referral code for all of my visitors to sign up with.

Use the following referral code when signing up for Mystro.


Mystro Driver


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