Networking as a Lyft or Uber Driver

Hello drivers, this is my first addition for my guide on Maximizing your rideshare profits for free. I hope it helps everyone out there make the moat of their driving experience. So without further delay, here we go.

Introduction to rideshare networking

Now there are a lot of rideshare drivers out there just like me who are determined to be successful entrepreneurs. Lyft and Uber are great side jobs for small business owners in the startup stages of getting their business off of the ground.

One of the huge benefits of being a rideshare driver is the ability to have a one on one chance to sell, sell, sell. You can never tell what type of passenger you will pick up but there is always a chance that you will find someone interested in what you do on a daily basis. This works even better if you have a universal product or service that can attract anybody. You can easily turn these passengers into future customers.

Check out this video of a jewelry store owner in San Francisco turning his Uber car into a showroom on wheels to generate sales and leads.

As you can see this guy has his stuff together and he’s very successful. It’s easy to sell when you have a product you believe in and are proud of. Even more so if you handmake your products like this driver does.

This is definitely the ultimate way to take your business to another level.

It doesn’t stop at customers

Potential customers aren’t the only people that you may encounter. There are so many different possible connections you can make in your industry. You might find a manufacturer to work with, you might find an investor that sees your potential and could possibly be interested in throwing some money your way to help you grow and expand. You might find a potential employee. That’s just to name a few but the possibilities are endless.

Living in California, I have found my passion to be the medical marijuana industry. With people making millions an entrepreneur would be stupid not to look into it so that’s what I am here to do. Every day I meet like minded people that love my ideas and would love to see them become a reality. I’m patiently waiting to pick up the right person that says “Hey, I Love What You Are trying To Do And I Want To Help”

I don’t have family to invest in my ideas so I am out there trying to make the right connections.

Feel out your passenger before you pitch

In order to keep your ratings on the good side it’s best to screen your passengers by asking them questions to find any possible interest in your sales pitch. Unfortunately using this technique on the wrong type of passenger could result in a low rating. The passenger may be having a bad day, just got in a fight with their significant other or whatever else the problem may be. They just may not be in a talking mood and will get upset if you try to push anything on them.

So pick and choose your potential clients carefully. Ask some key questions. In my case I might say something like, “California has changed a lot. How do you feel about the new laws like legal marijuana?” This way I can hear their views and see where they stand before I blindly take the plunge. Even though it is legal, It is still a touchy subject for the older crowd.

Just make sure you use the qualifying process to avoid any misunderstanding. I don’t want a passenger saying “Oh this guy is a pothead” when I’m a business man that knows a money making industry when I see it.

This concludes the networking section. If you have any thoughts, ideas, or questions then feel free to ask away in the comments section below.

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