Postmates and the problems they need to fix.

Overall I think Post Mates is a really cool idea and has lots of potential but there are a few major problems with the platform that make it unreasonable for drivers. I have a few ideas that will make the biggest difference in the world if they would only implement them.

1. Radius:
Postmates needs to take a look at how pizza restaurants operate. Customers should be within a certain radius of the restaurant. If they would like to order from a restaurant that is further then they can do so at a premium rate. This will allow drivers to make more deliveries and encourage them to take premium deliveries at a higher rate. This will end many complaints and reduce skipping.

2. App functionality
There are many flaws with the postmates fleet app. These are things that are simple fixes and overall will increase reliability. I want a confirmation when moving step by step through the Delivery is too easy to accidentally hit buttons and then there is no way to go back. You can completely lose your current delivery information with no way to get it back. This happened to me while on a delivery. I have a Samsung Galaxy S 6 and I usually use the home button to turn my phone on. After I picked up a delivery and took a picture of the receipt I went back to my car and turned my phone on to pull up the drop off address and when I pushed the button and the screen came on it said the customer has been charged. My finger accidentally hit the button which they place on the bottom of the screen out of all places. It needs to ask you “Are You Sure You Are Ready To Charge The Customer?” Or even better, since the app uses gps, do not let it even be a possibility to charge the customer til you know the driver is at the dropoff location. Both are pretty simple ideas and their developers should feel silly for leaving this out. I’m mean who gave the ok on this app launch. It’s a disaster. They really should pay me to tell them how to fix it because their people obviously don’t understand common sense and are terrible at coming up with procedures.

3. Support:
I’ve used the support function while on a delivery and it worked very well. The person I spoke with was nice and answered my questions with solid answers, however this option is only available while on a delivery. We may have other issues that need immediate response. Refering back to my accidental button push issue, if I had an option to contact support after the fact then I may have been able to complete the delivery.

4. Apartments:
Customers in apartments should be required to meet the driver curbside. When it comes to apartments there are all sorts of issues that arise. It’s often hard to find parking at most apartment complexes, this may require you to spend extra time looking for parking or force you to park far away from your drop off location and end up walking down the street. Some apartment complexes are small but there are the ones that are huge and have several hundred apartments. Getting an order dealing with either situation or even worse both is a nightmare for someone trying to make money in this business.

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