Postmates app Officially down

Postmates error message

So I logged in for my scheduled shift tonight to find this.
Postmates error messageScreenshot_20160826-151600

Well this is a disappointment, how much longer will it be before the problem is fixed. It’s Friday night and it’s prime time and I want to make some money.

So I did some searching around and found a status page for postmates.Screenshot_20160826-172114

Looks like there is some kind of serious issue right now as it’s been over an hour now so far. Maybe hackers finally made their way to postmates. Could it be an attack on postmates by anonymous? Who knows, I just hope they fix it soon because it’s blitz time.

Here is a link to the postmates current status page so you can stay up to date. And if anything like this happens in the future then the status page would be a good first place to look.

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