Postmates Blitz Pricing

What’s the deal with postmates and their blitz pricing system?
The blitz system is there to encourage more drivers to be out there working because of higher payouts.
Postmates blitz is a great idea but it has many issues as far as what I’ve experienced. The blitzing is very inconsistent and fluctuates between off, 1.25 and 1.50 so how the heck do I know what I’m really getting. Is this just a trick to scam drivers into making deliveries?

Here are some screenshots I took showing the time in the top corner so you can see how many changes happen per minute.


As you can see it changes almost every minute. Getting us excited to get out on the road andmake that 1.5 and then slapping us with a 1.25.

To me this is wrong. I want to know exactly what I will be making. That could make the difference between a long delivery being worth it or not and I don’t want to be tricked into accepting them just to find out that I didn’t make what I was hoping to make.

At a time when Uber is joining the game, it’s a lot more critical to offer drivers better pay and offer more transparency with their payment system.

Right now in Orange County Uber eats has two seperate 3 hour blocks where they guatantee you $25 an hour. Only catch is that you need to complete 1 delivery per hour. They also take 25% of that $25 an hour which leaves us with $18.75. The $18.75 doesn’t sound as good as the $25 but I can still feel good about an hour of my time knowing I’m making well above minimum wage, didn’t have to work my ass off, and only put a few miles on my car.

Hopefully a big shot from postmates will see this post and take my words into consideration. After all, their company will ultimately fail if other similar companies treat their drivers better. That’s a no brainer.

If they are smart then maybe they’ll hire me to help them come up with a better way of compensation for their drivers because obviously the people who are making those decisions are either incapable or are making their decisions based on greed. Either way it is a failure waiting to happen. I won’t completely destroy their name though because you can make decent money with postmates but unless they make changes immediately I wouldn’t recommend them. Uber Eats isn’t operating everywhere yet so I still feel postmates is the best alternative for those that don’t have Uber Eats yet available in their area.

Im going to keep working with postmates and giving feedback. Afterall what would my site have to offer if I quit. I’m putting in the time and work so you can make an informed decision about which of these companies to work with and make the most money driving for.

There are other resources out there and people with vidblogs talking about their day but they lack the real information that you need so that is my purpose. To give you the information that you really need. These other guys just talk it up hoping to get referral money but I’d rather people be successful then waste their time on hype.

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