Postmates Scheduling. Is it worth it?

Postmates schedule

Update: I no longer support postmates since they decided to deactivate my account for no reason. I’ve contacted support and have gotten no response.¬†

Uber Eats is a much better option and I have been driving for Uber Eats the last few months. I finally decided to login to my postmates app to do some deliveries when I was greeted with the “You Have Been Permanently Deactivated” Message. Don’t let that be you too

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Postmates has a scheduling system that gives you priority dispatch for your scheduled time. The schedule shows certain times as blitz times so this could potentially be a big benefit. If it worked properly.

Is scheduling yourself with postmates worth it?


I have scheduled several dinner shifts and the blitz is not consistent. I scheduled myself for these shifts with hopes to get priority dispatch and make better money off deliveries but the blitz rarely happens. If I do get a blitz notification it lasts about 15 minutes and then goes back to normal.

Is this fair and is it honest?

To me this is very deceiving, blitz gets turned on, I drive to a hotspot expecting to do good for a few hours and then after 1 delivery blitz is gone and now I’m already out here. Not wanting to make the trip for nothing I usually do a few more deliveries hoping for the best. While I still average about $12 an hour I still feel like I’m being suckered into making these deliveries. There is definitely a potential to make good money here but unless postmates gives drivers better incentives than I don’t know if it’s worth it.

Midnight to around 6 a.m. every night blitz turns on to 1.50 like clockwork. I expect the other blitz times to work the same way but they don’t. I personally don’t feel comfortable driving and dropping off at those times but still I log in to see what comes up. I stay logged in for hours and not 1 delivery will pop up during the graveyard hours.

Priority Dispatch?

I have yet to see priority dispatch come on for any of my scheduled shifts. I don’t even know if it works. I’ve ¬†scheduled atleast 8 shifts so far to test the waters and see how it works. So far I see no difference in how the app works wether you are scheduled or not.

Edit: Just logged in for my scheduled shift and this time priority dispatch is on but blitz pricing is still off so what’s the deal? Either way something is wrong here.


I’m still doing deliveries because tbe money proves to be there but we are limited on how much we can average per hour.

With a few fixes, postmates can easy be reliable and easily worth the time.

They need to have a delivery radius between the restaurants and the customer. This alone will make the biggest difference in how much we can make an hour. I’ve gotten 1 $20 tip from a grocery store run but other than that, the $2 or $3 tips don’t make up enough.

The way these companies advertise is very misleading. Yes it’s possible to get lucky and make $25 an hour but the reality off it happening with the current structure is very unlikely.

Hopefully a page like this will help inform them and make things better for us drivers. They have no business without us so we need to start making our own rules.

Let me know what you think in the comments section. If you have your own experience to share then please do.

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