Postmates signup process onboarding and background check information

So I finally decided to apply for postmates.

After searching for information for weeks about postmates I finally decided to go for it even though everything I heard was pretty much negative.

On august 4th I signed up for my onboarding session

I then uploaded all of my documents, Drivers license and insurance.

On Augist 8th I attended the onboarding session in Irvine California. I’m in Buena Park and Irvine is literally at the other end of the county 30 miles away. The session was scheduled for 5:45 which is high traffic time around Orange County. Everyone is driving home from work. I had to work that day and got off at 5 so I tried to get down there as soon as possible. I used google maps to navigate there and it tried to make me go on a toll road so I had to get off the freeway and improvise. Luckily as an ex pizza man I’m good at this. So I ended up rerouting myself and finally got there around 6:00.

The building they sent us too had suites but they only gave the address. I walked back and forth through the whole building up and down stairs trying to find where everyone was. 15 minutes later I saw a door that was cracked open a little and decided go in. Wow I actually found it but now I’m a half hour late.

I proceeded to walk into the room of people solo which was a little embarrassing but nobody really paid any attention to me.

I missed the check in and picture taking but they had just started the PowerPoint presentation so I didn’t miss the important part.

The PowerPoint presentation lasted only about 15 to 20 minutes and then the “Manager” spent about 10 more minutes answering questions.

I waited around until almost everyone left and asked if their was anything important that I missed. I guess 2 other people were late as well so atleast I wasn’t alone there.

They just had us check in by confirming our names and then they gave us the pex card, a postmates hot and cold bag and took our pictures. That was also the time they initiated the background check with a company called chekr (The same company uber uses) The background check came back within minutes and I got to see the nice green words CLEAR.

I left thinking that I may be able to start as soon as tomorrow. I let a few days go by hoping to get a message but still nothing so I decided to login to the postmates site to find that it was still showing that I needed to attend an onboarding session with a button to reschedule. I just logged in right now to take a screenshot but now it looks even worse, I don’t even have an option to reschedule.

This is the message I see…..

So now it seems as if they didn’t record my attendance at the onboarding session so then I decided to send them an email on August 11

It’s a simple issue so I really expected to be contacted quickly. Even if I was told I needed to attend the onboarding session again then atleast I would know where I’m at. I sent the email on a thursday hoping that one weekday would be enough for a response but it’s been 3 days now and I haven’t heard anything from them.

Now I’m kind of unsure if I even want to deal with these people. I’ve already invested time and money for gas into this and I’d hate to have it be for nothing.

At this point I’m just upset even though I heard everyone say that this is how postmates treats their drivers. I was hoping that maybe things have changed and I would have a better experience but no, I personally don’t want to deal with a company that cannot respond promptly to their partners concerns. If I have a issue as simple as this now, what issues will I have in the future?

So far my experience with postmates has been a bad one and I haven’t even driven yet. If their network is this unstable then that brings up many concerns for me.

I’ll keep everyone updated on my postmates status. I am still willing to try it out. After all that is the purpose of this site, to give honest feedback and help based on experience rather than speculation and personal opinions which seems to be the normal for similar bloggers.

If you would like to sign up for postmates use the link below the first step will be to enter your email and create a password and from there you will see my personal email address which is used as the referral code which will provide us both with a bonus!

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  • William Prince

    postmates sucks balls

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