Prius Seat Cover Install

What’s up everyone? I just bought a used 2014 Toyota Prius to use for my upcoming delivery and rideshare adventures. The only problem is that I don’t want any passengers in my car until I get some cheap seat covers. After looking online for hours, trying to find an affordable solution all I was seeing was custom seat covers and you have to pay seperate for the front and rear. For a full set I would be paying around $400 to $500 dollars which isn’t really an option for me at this time so what do I do?

I ended up finding these dickies car seat covers.

Dickies car seat covers

For $39.99 this was the chapest decent quality set of seat covers I could find. I have previously bought this same set for the Toyota Corolla I had through xchange leasing and they seemed to fit pretty good in that car so I decided to try them again.

Now we have a few obstacles 

The dickies seat covers are a full bench seat cover and doesen’t have a spot for the middle seat belt. My seats in my prius are 60/40 split and my rear cup holders are part of the arm rest that pulls out of the middle.

2014 Prius Rear Seat

Prius rear seat 60/40 split

2014 prius rear seat cup holders


How to make this seat cover Uber and Lyft friendly?

Step 1

Remove headrests

Prous headrest removed

Step 2

Partially lower your back seat to expose the 14mm bolt that holds down the center seat belt and the far left passengers buckle.

Use a 14mm socket to remove this bolt. When you are done removing the bolt the seatbelt should look like it does in the following picture.

Prius rear seatbelt bolt

Exposing prius seatbelt bolt

Prius rear seatbelt detached

Step 3

Install the seat cover

Prius seat cover install

It’s not beautiful but it fits pretty snug and looks acceptable until I can afford something better. It won’t protect against spills but it should easily handle the normal wear and tear from passengers getting in and out of the car

Ahhhhh, but what about the cup holders you ask.

I found this cool little gadget to solve that problem when it arises. There are not many passengers I have seen bring food and drinks but in the event that I do have a passenger with a drink this headrest cup holder will come to the rescue.


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