Savvy Looking for drivers in Los Angeles

A new rideshare company Savvy which is a branch of Yayyo is looking for drivers in Los Angeles.

Right now there isn’t much information available about Savvy but as soon as I find out more than I’ll be updating this post.

Yayyo which is the main company in relation to Savvy offers a huge change to the rideshare industry and I assume they have similar plans for Savvy and that’s why I’m here writing about it because it could be the best alternative to Uber and Lyft that drivers have seen in a while.

Unlike the Yayyo service, Savvy drivers will be using their own cars. As of right now I have no idea about the pay structure or any other information but I will be reaching out to them so I can update this post with the information you are looking for.

You can sign up to drive for Savvy using the Yayyo sign up page.

After you fill out the information on the first page then on the second page it will ask you what sevice you are applying for. If you want to use your own car than choose Savvy at the bottom of the page.

Sign up to drive for Savvy

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