Should you tip your Uber Eats Driver

Do you tip Uber Eats drivers

Quick answer, Yes you should.

Just like anyone in any type of service industry Uber Eats drivers actually rely on tips to make money from delivering food. You tip your pizza man, you tip your waiter or waitress. Why not an Uber Driver bringing you food? In the end tips are what make these types of jobs worth it.

Uber continues to be stubborn and insists on sticking to their no tipping structure. Out of the customers that don’t tip, many just don’t have the cash or I’ve even had a situation where someone wanted to tip me but only had a big bill and I had no change. These people often ask about a tipping feature in the app. So what that tells me is that Uber isn’t really listening to the customers or the drivers.

Uber Customers Want To Tip

It’s time for Uber to ditch their no tipping strategy because it really doesn’t give them the advantage and look that they think it does. Uber uses the no tipping tactic as a way to look more affordable and more appealing to passengers and customers but who takes the hit for that? The drivers are the ones who completely lose out on any of these extra earnings. Uber doesn’t seem to care because they wouldn’t take a percentage of the tips anyways so they lose nothing by using this strategy. As a company and an idea uber is amazing but as a former developer I know how easy it would be for them to flip the switch and give us their feature. They have nothing to lose. Customers still don’t have to tip but by atleast giving them the option will allow good people to show their appreciation for the services that the drivers make happen.

Almost everybody knows someone who drives for Uber or Lyft

Another big point I’d like to bring up is that there are so many Uber drivers out there that almost everyone has either a family member or friend that is a Uber driver. That alone gives customers enough reason to tip because they personally know someone who drives and understands that that is a huge deal to drivers and are happy to give you a tip.

Uber is kind of digging themselves in a deep hole here. Because of the fact that Uber has so many drivers and these drivers obviously have friends and family who are potential uber customers Uber should have a lot to worry about when it comes to keeping drivers happy.

By not changing to a more about the drivers strategy they will eventually lose everything. When you eventually ruin the opportunity for drivers either by lowering rates or by having self driving cars you are then making a lot of enemies. I mostly drive for lyft and I hear from passengers every day that they will never use Uber again. They can focus all they want on self driving cars and leaving drivers with nothing but in the end there will be nobody left willing to use the service because everyone will know a driver who has been affected and they just will not support the company. We’re talking about every drivers social reach. Do you realize how many people that is.

From a business point of view 

Today social responsibility is a huge part of business success. By giving these drivers an opportunity Ubers social responsibility skyrocketed and that’s how they became so popular so fast. Yes they promoted a lot but many customers came from friends and family of happy drivers who talked well about Uber and promoted the service. That word of mouth tactic is much stronger than any marketing they can do because people will listen to their friends and family before a tv or internet ad.

Slowly Ubers social responsibility has decreased over the years. These hard working drivers out here have made their name and made Uber a reality, it wasn’t the technology that made it possible. Drivers should be ubers #1 priority at all times but they see it a different way. Because of greed they plan to cut the driver out completely. Instead of complying with the new laws for rideshare companies they are again trying to find their way around it by cutting out the drivers that made their idea a reality. Just imagine how much they will save by not having to worry about background checks for millions of applicants not to mention stricter policies that are starting to arise in different cities. Self driving cars take half of that off of their hands.

A better approach for Uber would be to ditch the whole self driving car idea, have a much better screening process for drivers so there will be less drivers but better quality drivers out there they also need to raise the rates a little so drivers can again rely on Uber as a great way to make money.

This idea ensures that they maintain a positive reputation for both drivers and passengers.

If Uber wants to have a budget car service as well than that’s fine. Just don’t let the passengers expect a nive brand new car to pick them up. For the current Uber X rates you should get an older vehice. Or have those rates for 2 door cars and single passengers. More passengers and newer cars should be compensated appropriately.

I have a 2 door Scion TC. I wouldn’t mind taking single passengers around and I’m sure they wouldn’t mind either.

What these companies are doing is trying to turn luxury services into basic everyday life. This drives down the whole profit margin for the entire industry. What once was a great idea now has tragic profit and industry destroying effects that the delivery and rideshare industry most likely cannot come back from because people are now used to paying nothing. It won’t be able to come back until the prices are driven so low that nobody wants to drive therefore the companies are forced to shut down. When new companies try to do it again then maybe it can be a profitable industry once again because they will have learned and won’t try to drive these luxury services into the wrong market.

So back to the tipping. Yes, you should tip your Uber Driver. Food delivery and chauffeur services are luxury services and should be treated as such.

  • Krinj

    Tipping: why should employers pay folks a living wage when they can just guilt their customers into doing it for them?

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