Skurt – The Car Rental Delivery Service

Skurt car rental delivery

Skurt car rental delivery

Skurt is a new company that brings a new idea to this whole on demand service boom. Skurt is like Uber and Postmates fused together to bring you a service that delivers rental cars.

How It Works?

A customer requests a car through the Skurt app, then a Skurt agent will bring the car directly to the customer.

What is a Skurt Agent?

Skurt agents are the ones who pick up and deliver the cars to the customers. Just like Uber and Postmates, becoming a Skurt agent means that you will be self employed.

How is it different to work for Skurt from other on demand companies?

With Skurt you literally have no out of pocket expenses. You drive other companies rental vehicles so you don’t need to care about gas, mileage, tires or wear and tear on your personal vehicle. This means that everything you earn from Skurt will be profit after taxes of course.

What Makes Skurt Work?

Skurt has two purposes and needs that they fulfill. This makes their idea worth more than that of Uber or Postmates.

The rental companies:

Often times, rental car companies will have cars that just sit on their lot, only generating income for the car manufacturer. Skurt helps these rental companies utilize their fleet with little to no effort from the rental company.

“Skurt drives reservations to your fleet. We handle all of the logistics, eliminating the traditional costs associated with operating your business. With Skurt, you net more.”

Skurt car rental deliver toyota corolla

Customers that need cars:

Often times it’s a big hassle to go to enterprise or hertz to rent a car. It’s very time consuming and the chances of your car not being available happens quite often meaning even more of a wait time. Not only that but they also will charge you the most they can for a vehicle that would otherwise be sitting on their lot. Another problem they solve for rental customers is the delivery of the vehicle. Most rental companies will offer to pick up customers within a certain radius but again, that is all now unnecessary time that a renter needs to spend in the process of obtaining a rental.

Becoming a Skurt agent?

When it comes to the opportunity of becoming a Skurt agent a lot of questions come to mind. The main one being, Is it worth it?

Unfortunately, as of right now I believe their site is experiencing some technical difficulties because the link to become an agent is broken. Just last week when I first found out about Skurt it was working fine. Seeing a basic issue like this makes me think about how good their web and app developers are and if these basic issues occur then what is the possibility of major issues?

From what I gather though, you will be paid per car delivery. Now the question is, How much will they pay per delivery and will the need be consistent enough for someone to get another delivery right away.

Some other big questions which they don’t make clear is What happens after I ¬†drop off a car? Does someone pick me up? How do I get to the next rental location to deliver the next vehicle.

The only way I see this working is if they have other dedicated drivers that pick up the driver after a delivery and then takes them to the next rental location.

How do you get there in the first place? How will you get home everyday?

To me that is all pretty important information for anyone that may be considering becoming an agent.


Skurt sounds like an awesome idea and I hope it’s a success. The only drawback I see at this point is the lack of information for those considering becoming an agent. This is very important because just like any other on demand service, they have nothing without drivers out there. Skurt already has a good niche and I’m interested in possibly trying it. Paying nothing out of pocket for a similar opportunity as uber or postmates sounds good if the same type of money can be made.

Right now the company pretty much only operates in Los Angeles and Orange County. I’ll update this post as more information becomes available to me.

Visit the Skurt website for more information


  • disqus_pQ8TVon377

    Kushest did you fid out more about becoming a skurt agent ?

  • Kushest

    It’s been a few weeks since I emailed them. The only response I’ve gotten from them was a follow on twitter from their main account.
    I’m going to look into it again but I don’t know how I feel about them at this point though. If they can’t respond in a timely manner than I don’t think it’s a company I would want to do business with.

    • ilteriscanberk

      Hey man, sorry that no one got back to you. Would love to chat about our driver program? What’s the best way to reach? You can DM me on twitter @icanberk

  • Kushest

    I just took a look at the skurt site again and now it looks like the link to become a driver is gone completely. Maybe they took it down temporarily to fix bugs or something but I don’t even see the become a driver option anymore. I’ll still keep looking into it and will update everyone on any changes.

  • disqus_pQ8TVon377

    Thta’s weird, from what I understood the company is expanding very fast in other states and they are already in full operation in 3 or 4 other states. This atleast implies that the company is doing farely good so far. So how come that the company has such bad/slow customer service ?

  • Kushest

    I was really excited to know more and was expecting a quick response since they were posting ads for drivers on but I even checked my spam folder and nothing….
    I started out thinking really positive about the company. Maybe I asked for too much information, however I did make some suggestions to them about the type of information a driver would need to make a reasonable decision as to wether driving for skurt is a good option or not. So maybe they have reevaluated the site based on my suggestions and are currently making changes. That could explain the temporary take down.
    Uber, postmates and others have been around for years and while the first couple years of drivers had to just go for it and hope for the best, it’s now a world of lots of information and drivers are now well educated on these types of jobs. Today a half ass explanation will not work. Nobody should be willing to risk their time for something that is not explained with enough detail. With all the other options it’s just not worth giving the chance.
    With all that being said, let’s hope that skurt is in fact updating their site right now and will paint a better picture of the ins and outs of the driver job.

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