The Uber and Lyft Rating War

Many a driver has been deactivated by Uber and Lyft for poor ratings. Some deserve it but others are innocent victims of rating abuse.

Let’s Start From The Beginning…

When Uber and Lyft started, they both paid drivers much more. I often hear complaints from senior drivers about how they used to make a living off of working for Uber but that has changed dramatically this past year. Drivers used to love handing out water, candy and being extra courteous because it was worth it to do so and it also kept your ratings high because customers were satisfied above and beyond normal expectations. Unfortunately, passengers have gotten used to this treatment and it has become common for passengers to expect it.


Today drivers earn less and as a result it just doesn’t make sense to go that extra mile because we need every little bit that we make. Passengers that expect the White Glove Treatment will rate a driver low these days simply because they are not provided with all of the extras.

Passenger In A Bad Mood

Let’s face it, people go through stuff every day. Not everyone is capable of refraining from bringing the vibe along with them. There are plenty of reasons why a passenger might be having a bad day and as drivers we sometimes pay the price for it. There is the rare case where they are willing to talk to you, vent a little bit and hopefully get some feedback from you that will turn there day around for the better but in most cases that just won’t happen. Any little thing will bother these people and they are just looking for reasons to be mad and unhappy resulting in a low rating .

How Are Drivers Fighting Back?

I read and speak with other drivers daily on facebook and through my blog here and after doing some research it seems as that a passenger with a low rating is also a passenger that tends to give low ratings. Sometimes a passenger will even give an innocent driver a low rating in retaliation for their low rating from other drivers. This is a very dangerous situation for any innocent driver to be in. So now Uber and Lyft drivers are fighting back by not accepting requests from passengers with a low rating.

There have also been recent studies that show that passengers with a low rating often wait longer for rides.

The Rating War

I encourage all drivers to decline requests for low rating passengers.

The effect this can have on the Uber and Lyft rating system could be enough for them to finally get rid of it. Drivers have been victims of this rating system for too long now. I personally have stopped driving for lyft because my rating is getting low and I ┬ádon’t know what I’m doing so wrong to these people do deserve anything other then a 5 star. If you get someone from point a to point b safely then you have successfully done your job. There should be no need for any in between thoughts or feelings to have an effect on a drivers ability to continue to make money and support their families .

Passengers are ruthless and will rate you on things that have nothing to do with your driving. Maybe they don’t like your skin color, maybe they don’t like your religion, maybe they don’t like your weight . . The list of reasons for people to be hurtful goes on and on.

As I said before, if there are safety concerns then that needs to be addressed and dealt with immediately but for anything less than a safety issue to have an impact on a drivers activation status is just ridiculous and unfair.

I believe other things should have an impact as well but those should not be in the form of ratings on the passengers side. For instance, if a driver accepts rides but constantly takes a long time to pick up a passenger then maybe that driver needs to be put on some type of probation ? Or if a driver constantly has issues with his gps or phone, then maybe he shouldn’t be driving . To be fair, there are a lot of crap drivers out there as well. These drivers make us look bad and again, as a form of retaliation, a passenger may rate you low as a result.

Passenger Feedback

I think passenger feedback is very important in helping a driver find his strengths and weaknesses. But attaching a rating to that feedback might not even give the driver a chance to work on his weaknesses and give people a better experience.

This is just like any new job, it might take someone a couple of months to get it all figured out and be the 5 star driver that all passengers would like to see. Unfortunately we don’t have any formal training and have to learn as we go. Being penalized and possibly deactivated during our learning process is a very scary thought.

Unless Uber and Lyft find a way to personally review ratings that will hurt a driver and either accept or reject it then ratings need to be removed completely. Customers should be required to provide a good explanation if their rating will impact the drivers rating in a negative way. If no worthy explanation is given then it’s safe to assume that the rating was based on race, gender preference, body size, or your lack of the ability to pull them into a conversation and befriend them etc….

I’m shy and find it hard to talk to people sometimes, is that a good enough reason for me to lose the opportunity to make money with rideshare.

I’d love to know how other people feel about this issue. Please leave a comment below so we can continue the conversation .


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