Uber and Lyft Vs The Environment

Lyft, Uber and Pollution

A topic nobody really brings up or thinks about.

Low rates affect way more than a drivers earnings. The reason these companies lowered the price People pay is to attract more customers and make their pockets bigger in the end at the drivers and mother natures expenses.

Public transportation is cheap for a reason and that’s because any public transportation method is capable of carrying dozens of passengers at a time.

When you give those same cheap prices for personal rides what do you think happens. Instead of 40 people on a bus you have 40 people in 40 different cars. Now I’m no scientist or math wiz but it doesn’t take a genius to see where this is going.

More cars = More pollution

Lyft and Uber might as well be dumping toxic chemicals into our lakes, it’s really no different then what is happening to our air because of their low fares.

These companies need to be responsible with their business strategies. Obviously college degrees aren’t what they used to be if the big people in the company aren’t considering these drawbacks to their plans. Or maybe they are well aware and just don’t care.

How much does Uber and Lyft need to make?

Being a business man myself I am completely satisfied with what I earn. Does anyone really need a multi million dollar home and ferraris. This type of greed is what leads us to many of the problems this world faces today. Instead of accepting a reasonable amount for themselves and spreading the rest of the earnings appropriately they want to pay low wages and make themselves rich. This structure only benefits them and people really need to wake up.

How can Uber and Lyft fix this situation?

Its a simple fix. Stop marketing to the wrong people. If somebody wants a personal ride then it should cost them the same if not more than a taxi. At this point most people prefer Lyft and Uber over taxis anyways so it’s not like they will lose customers to taxi companies but they will lose those cheap customers that will never understand what a drivers time and vehicle are worth. Because of the targeted market drivers have turned into basic servants and expectations from these low paying passengers is way too high.

By choosing the right market, drivers and passengers can have a similar respect for each other. Giving someone a ride to their waitress job at a restaurant is a lot different then taking a business man to his office building.

The business man will also be willing to pay more.

What does this all come down to?

It all comes down to Uber and Lyft increasing their prices and accepting the fact that their service cannot be used as a convienience for ┬ápeople that don’t appreciate what drivers are worth.

The result is less vehicles on the street creating pollution and better pay for drivers. Of course the companies themselves will take a hit but in business sometimes it works that way.

Why should the CEO have a house while we are wasting our money living in apartments.

In the end it’s much more fulfilling to have a positive impact on the world instead of adding to the destruction and destroying of our economy for personal gain.


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